TRS Gold skin weekends

They could easily code it so the text before their names has a specific boldness and color to distinguish themselves from phonies and look-alikes.

Hey i don’t have ps plus anymore but to get it on the ps4 am i going to have to get ps plus and play online or can i just play a solo offline game?? I really want the gold skins!! i have elite goliath and kraken so this would make it even more awesome!

you need to play online and be logged in to you My2K account.

ok thanks, has this been confirmed?

What do you mean?



I mean everyone else likes this but of course I’m the only guy thinking, “I’ll pass.” lol I’m still going to play because your game is awesome in general but I’m just not a fan of this kind of skin. It just looks bland to me.

But there is chocolate beneath!

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So, TRS gonna give it to us if we play it during that time(between 9:00 PM PT on Thursday, March 5th and 9:00 PM PT on Sunday, March 8th)?

Yup. Though, you have to be connected to your 2K account and play an online match, no solo.

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I have some concerns

1: I lost my progress a while ago and some people are supposedly restoring it, but will that make me lose the skins when they do if I get them?

2: My Internet is a day old bucket of crap so Multiplayer is super freaking slow, can I get the skins offline?

3: I’m super worried if I try and play on the dates and the people are resetting my stuff it’ll corrupt the data or some crap and blow everything up ruining the game, could this happen?

Okay, trying to make a My2K account. Don’t seem to be able to do it from the main menu. any tips?

Nevermind, found it. Under the “Extras” menu

“Yup. Though, you have to be connected to your 2K account and play an online match, no solo.”

So that is for sure, Solo play but connected online to your 2k account during will not unlock it?
As in exclusive to multiplayer matchmaking mode unlocking only.

Yes. They have no way of telling if you have been playing if you play solo mode.

Thanks for the clarification.

Just to note though, technically they can tell.
As long as your online during, alot/most of your accolades & progress are recorded even in solo.
Plus if you have internet connected, you log into your 2K account right before entering the main menu.

According to macman:

This is so awesome! I can’t wait - this totally made my crazy day. TRS, thanks for being awesome and doing stuff like this with the community. You all rule!


I’m going to snicker after a few months, when I finally start playing monster, and begin killing people as the golden monstrosity.

Can’t wait for these skins. Thanks TRS!!!

I’m curious as to the St. Patrick’s day event. I’m hoping it’ll be special trapper beer goggle vision where our vision is impaired but the monsters leave rainbows whenever they leap fly or warp :smiley:

TRS devs are probabky gonna get more devious skins, like Wireframe or diamond.

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