TRS Gold skin weekends


Judging from this tweet it looks like we will be able to get those skins

Play alongside us. Play against us. Just jump online and get into an Evolve match between 9:00 PM PT on Thursday, March 5th and 9:00 PM PT on Sunday, March 8th and metallic glory is yours. (These skins will be delivered to players sometime after the weekend ends, but before Saturday, March 14th.)

And now there’s a proper topic for it

Edit 2: Quotes from Macman clarifying the situation

Edit: Old pic of the golden skin on Kraken

And a newer pic

Thank You TRS <3

here ya go

and OMG golden Daisy :drool:


Looks like it is monsters which are gold, not hunters.


We want to give back to you. We also want to show our appreciation for your immense support over the last month, for believing in Evolve – and in us – from the very beginning. So, this weekend only, play a few rounds of Evolve and we will reward you with the coveted TRS Gold Skins for Goliath, Kraken and Wraith – free.

Awesome :slight_smile:


Read the article, it’s just the mosnters.


Ok, its not the link that isn’t working for me, its the whole evolve game website. I’ll probably have to wait to see them tomorrow


daisy’s a monster in my heart :heartpulse:


Do we have to play against developers or just play? but besides that TRS i love you


Are the golden skins only for Monsters or Hunters too?


Article says just the monsters. And all you have to do is play, not necessarily versus the Devs.


Thanks (That Wraith :wraith:)


Awesome! Altho imo the devs should be exclusively golden :smiley: Just give the community silver haha <3


Please get a Golden Daisy skin, I demand this!


Next up: Our St. Patrick’s Day Trapper Challenge – more information on that is coming soon!

One not to be missed, to be sure!


When is it released? I have been playing every day since launch…

Alright, somewhere before March 14th.


@SlabOMeat Does “playing” apply to solo games as well?


I am so excited!


Maybe they’re coming out with their own new Dev-Only skins.


As long as you’re online I would think so, but the article does mention playing alongside/against the devs.


I think it means anyone who plays the game during that time? But I would surmise they mean in a public match. Because as it stands, I have no idea how to play with the Devs.