TRS Funding?


I’m just wondering, how is TRS able to push out so much content without funding such as product purchases or microtransactions in a free game? Has 2K given you a boat load of money to help revive the game?

All of this stuff cost money to make, I doubt anyone would want to be working on this game for free considering the amount of hard hours needed to be put into it


You can’t charge for a beta, also didn’t they mention when the game fully releases that they will be using micro-transactions?


He’s talking about right now. As in, how are they even paying for any of this content.


Well, they already confirmed that they are receiving pay checks, I don’t know if they will be sharing more info about it :open_mouth:




If I were to guess I’d say that 2K are providing TRS with the resources to continue this experiment with Stage 2 while also producing their new IP for them, on the basis that they’ll be checking the player numbers, retention, feedback, etc for a period of time. This’ll be in the form of some kind of interim contract/agreement to provide specified content within a timeframe.

There’s no point going through the efforts of adding microtransactions, assuming there are agreements and legal implications etc with moving in that direction, and based on the fact that people could buy stuff for a game that in theory could lose its support if the stage 2 experiment doesn’t work out.

At some point Evolve will need to make money, or 2K will have to be very altruistic, in order for that support to continue… especially to roll it out to consoles. But until then, until that new contract or agreement between 2k and TRS is forged on the future of Evolve, I imagine they’re sitting on an interim agreement for producing this content that they are and have a carefully laid out content plan to match that level of resourcing that 2K is providing.

I hope that we get to see what the next stage is, microtransactions and all, as it’ll mean that this period of Stage 2 will have been a success for the devs :slight_smile:


Not to mention whatever funding they’re getting for the art department right now working on a new IP.


Plus I’m sure a good chunk of this content was made beforehand as they work were working on Stage 2.


Sure, I don’t know how stuff works in the gaming industry, but I presumed that there would be multiple contracts based on delivery of different products. I would entirely understand 2K having a contract for the new IP and for Stage 2 exclusive of each other.


IF the new IP is for 2K :wink:
Most likely is since they have an established relationship, but you never know with these things.



I would assume 2K is footing a lot of the bill. Which actually makes me really happy - I was salty about the way the game was marketed, but this is sorta them saying they still have faith at the game and risking financial loss for it, and I really appreciate that.


I think the thing that matters most is that we show our support of the game so funding continues. I wanna see evolve go far. I wanna see more awesome new hunters and monsters, and I wanna see it get to console. All that needs money, and if 2K is gonna keep things going, they need to see our support. Keep playing, and keep up the enthusiasm!


Companies can and do, all the time- For what its worth.


I seriously doubt Stage 2 is coming to consoles, this is already turning out to be a record setting length of time for a game to be in ‘beta’ considering the games history.

While the dev team constantly releases patches to the game nothing has been released on the micro transaction side. There are many proven F2P models to emulate that would be pleasing to the playerbase and fair. The fact that it hasn’t even been tried yet months into the ‘beta’ shows that isn’t the real goal of Stage 2, just a side benefit they’ll achieve.

The real goal, in my opinion, is to get all the good will they can with the pc playerbase so that they will be more favorable to any new IP which will also be PC and likely eSport focused. At the end of the day, this isn’t really a ‘beta’ at all, it’s just the usual patches and updates any multiplayer focused game gets over the life cycle. So one should see this ‘beta’ as more of the same dubious marketing that has been employed since the first announcement of DLC for Evolve. They have gotten better at the marketing certainly which should be applauded, by how many pc players give this game and by extension TRS and 2K praise, when before it was scorn. It’s all in service of the next game really though not this one. If hitting benchmarks and proving people really do love the game and want to play it was the pure focus they would want as many players as possible, which would include the consoles. Yeah, there’s the excuse that consoles charge for updates, boo hoo, that’s a nominal fee for major companies like 2K. It’s equivalent to the average citizen going grocery shopping, it cost a bit but it feeds you so you go along with it. 2K choosing to only service the pc playerbase is like someone choosing to only eat fast food instead of grocery shopping. It may due in the short term of giving you what you want but in the long term they’ll be worse off for it since they cut off a major revenue stream that’s already proven to drop money on the game in favor of those who are only here because it’s free (and because it’s a great game but that goes without saying here).


I don’t agree, 2k need evidence that there is a business plan for evolve that will work, and that takes longer than a “conventional” beta which is nothing more than a stress test and pr exercise.


I also strongly disagree.
While it’s deemed a “beta,” I feel like it’s more along the lines of an Early Access entry but they can’t label Stage 2 that since the game has technically been out for a year and seven months.

And where do you get “months” from? Stage 2 has been out for a month and a half. It hasn’t been like 6 months, because if it had been then I’d start to worry, too.

This is a business, and in business you don’t throw money around unless you know that it will pay off in the long run. And that’s why they haven’t greenlit Stage 2 for consoles, it’s only been a month and only now is the playerbase starting to stabilize. Even now the playerbase is mostly Europe and Asia, but that’s because they’re the most popular when it comes to PC gaming. North America plays primarily on console, 2K knows this, and if they want a strong NA playerbase they need to get Stage 2 over. That’s why I feel it’s only a matter of time.

The Devs have stated their reasoning for only working with PC right now, so I won’t rehash that here. It makes sense, it’s working, and now people need to be patient and stop spreading their “doom” messages around.

Really? We have no idea what kind of game it is or what platforms it will be on. And knowing TRS it will more than likely release for all 3 major systems, so I think that’s rather uncalled for.

They’d just call it quits on Evolve if all they cared about was their new IP.


There are successful business plans in place already for Free to Play games like League of Legends etc. It’s not a bad thing to emulate others good monetization plans.

I did jump the gun on the ‘months’ comment, but it is worrying nonetheless that they haven’t put a price on the same things that previously cost real world money. I (and many others) bought each season pass and a lot of skins, so that alone proves that people will pay for cosmetic items that don’t make the game unbalanced. These are all no brainers, I do understand that the figuring out the exact price needs to be worked out, but you have to try in order to do that.

The main worry that I have is the ambiguous time frame for console release being when ‘all the bugs are worked out’. That’s impossible, no game is ever completely free of bugs these days, and I am not intending to sound man cause I love the game even with the bugs I still have to deal with on console. The entire life cycle of Evolve never once has been bug free, so to think that it’ll mysteriously happen now and only then get released on console is a huge worry.

I don’t blame TRS for any of this, I know they are a great studio that wants people to love and play the game they work for us on, I see everything happening as the corporate bs of 2K that is leaving gamers in the lurch


2k have given TRS the opportunity to give free to play a go, so I’m not predisposed to be a jerk towards them tbh. It’s great that they continue to support evolve.