TRS Founders Legacy Chat!

Hey guys!

As mentioned in our last livestream on Twitch, we are gearing up for the Founders Chat (Chris + Phil) and need your help with questions. We are going to stream it interview style and pick some of the most frequently asked questions from the community. The focus of the stream will be on legacy and history as well as lessons learned and inspiration from our previous games. Things like that.
***We will not be revealing new details about Back 4 Blood so we ask to keep that in mind when you ask your questions :slight_smile:

Please fill out this form if you would like to participate.

There’s no guarantee your question will get picked but we hope to cover as much as possible.



Well before I retype and craft something clever, I just wanted to take the time to say that it is good to see TRS starting to get active in the community once again.


I’m really excited to see Chris and Phil bring their energy on stream again! They’re always fun to listen to and it’s great to hear their seasoned insight. :blush:


Hopefully, Phil and Rob will pay more attention to the whole chat, unlike in the last stream from last month where 80-90% of the chatbox was completely overlooked. Seriously, it triggered me when I was in this streaming. Writting pavés wasn’t even enough to catch the attention.

If I’ll have to literally spam my questions (which I would disrecommend because it would flood the chatbox), then I don’t know what else there is to do to at least be noticed and have a chance of being answered.

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The reason for this thread is for people to ask questions ahead of the actual livestream. Although there are no guarantees it will be selected, as MissMurder has stated.


But how am I gonna get noti-

moment of reflection

Does this mean that I am blind, or that I was too stupid to catch it?

Oh well…I guess I can ask my questions in advance then, now that I’m aware.

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There is a form in the original post to submit the question to!


I’m seriously being a moron right now…

Now that I have proof that I’m an absolute idiot who can’t pay enough attention to even the most important things in even the 1st post…
Off to hang myself, watch and lear-” (insert epic death suffocation of Dovah)

I’m joking, I’m alive.
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How rad would it be if the hunter from Evolve end up in L4D world ?

What point do you guys feel like you were furthest from success ?

Will we see a AA size game on VR in the future ?

Remember there’s a form in the OP to submit your question! I don’t think it hurts to post additional questions you have, but you may want to send in the one question you want answered the most at the provided link, just in case. :slight_smile:


Ah i see, thank for the reminder

I’d just have one question for them.



Ignoring specifics about games I guess;

How did you guys get into the industry?

Where do you think the industry is trending towards in the past 3 years?

What impacts do you think Evolve have had on xv1 boss simulator-genre games?

Kala should totally be a DBD killer
Random thoughs~

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Only if the DNA took over her mind and that she turned non-human. Plus, that’s up to DBD’s devs if they want to make a contract with 2K Games or not.
Speaking of killer in DBD, there’s the Stranger Things DLC with the Demogorgon as the killer, being probably the 1st killer that is considered a monster and not someone human or who used to be human. So I guess that could be another reason to have Kali as a killer…but again, 2K Games.

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Wubbadubbadubba, is that true?

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Thanks for all the questions and responses!!


Is there an ETA on the livestream?

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Livestream is at 4pm PT / 7pm ET / 11pm UTC!


Yes! Thank you! Sorry for leaving that out. In just about 45 min we will be live for approximately 1 hour.