TRS Forums in a nutshell

What is the point of this thread? Just to complain about people who complain?

Oh! Really had no idea that playing characters properly will counter hackers!

Gonna try it right now thanks.

This thread is to complain about about you complaining about complaining threads that are complaining about complainers in whitch you would complain about my complaints because OP loves to throw oil in to complaining fire so there is even more complaining that there ever was before.

Obviously I was only talking about the people complaining about nerfs/buffs.

Hackers are something else entirely that need to be dealt with by TRS themselves

I feel like this thread holds no water…

It’s just a list of new players and the topics they create. Rather than constructing a thread based on new players coming to look here to get help on why a hunter/monster/perk/tyrant might be OP/UP/Buff/Nerf… it’s almost a rant thread…

@moderators @Leaders?

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No, they are not new players looking for advice and talking about why they’re OP/UP. They are f2p who played one game against them, lost and came straight onto the forums to whine. If you read any of them, it’s them having a rant because they don’t understand the mechanics and refuse to listen to the community and continue to believe that they’re correct.

There are too many of these threads and it’s irritates me knowing that these people don’t understand the game but think they know everything from playing against a character once, and don’t take any advice.

None of these people talk about how they could be nerfed/buff by suggesting number changes, they simply say “This is too good, needs nerf” “This is too weak needs buff” (with a few swear words thrown in). I came across only one thread that the OP suggested things that could benefit Slim and his Spore Clouds because he thought it was UP, he had some decent ideas and some more ideas came in that were actually worth noting or adding into the game, this is the sort of OP/UP post that need to be praised

Just to highlight a few

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Hi dude fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit i played my first game ever minute ago and plant killed me,nerf plant or game ded :^) It is op,i got cced for over minute,medic was healing me but i still died. Pretty sure there was nothing to prevent it.

edid:added more swearing


Perfect example (needs more swearing)

[Bucket] Are you sure about this, Marshal? These creatures overwhelmed the TRS Forums in less than a week! Clearly we are dealing with something far beyond ordinary toxic players.

[Cabot] Clearly…


Thanks for always sharing your rank with everyone here, I hate it when I forget about it.

No problem m8,there is always nice excuse to use 'i m just showing the progress bar bug’
or 'no i m not bronze,there is no reason to match me with 1hour played ppl’
tho :^)

I once posted in ‘with kraken u can never win game’ my rank too. because I play only kraken in ranked.

You forgot Who’s Miley?

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Is that… Daisy helping you out of a plant?

I actually didn’t know she could do that…

Why yes, yes it is.

Cabot: “Daaaaamaaaaage” :joy:

I think it was “Daaaaaammmmaaaaaggeeeeeeee” :joy:

Yeah I misheard until i read the subtitles :blush:

I loved how Maggie was like I’m okay, thanks right as she walked into the plant.


Fuck Maggie! Needs nerf can’t feel pain. TRS FUCKING DO SOMETHING!!!