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Windows Update

We highly recommend that users should keep Windows current with the latest bug fixes and security patches from Microsoft by regularly running Windows Update.



If there is any doubt about your installation of DirectX, install the latest version from Microsoft. Better safe than sorry!

# **Patch DirectX and VcRedistr from within the game's folders**


C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\EvolveGame\Game_CommonRedist\DirectX\DXSETUP.exe


C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\EvolveGame\Game_CommonRedist\Vcredistr (go in every folder and run every program)

Still having issues? Welp, onward to:

Graphics card drivers

Please make sure that your graphics card drivers are up to date. You can save yourself a lot of frustration by ensuring that you are using the most up to date drivers for your video card. This can solve many issues including: crashes, glitches, or low FPS.


Getting kicked from multiplayer matches

Generally when you are disconnected from a match for no reason, it can be the result of server crashes, server stalls, network connectivity, or a bug with the game client.

In all cases, it would be helpful to compile a list of reported instances when these occur. Make notes of when you crashed, what was going on in the time just before the disconnect. Please include the time/timezone it occurred and where you are located. If this were sent to 2K as an accumulated report of several days worth of games or weeks worth of games, it would be informative regarding the frequency of the issue. Individual reports, while useful in cases of particular bugs, may not be as helpful with regards to server related disconnect.

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#“Killer NIC”, 100% crash on level loading screen in Multiplayer matches

Some users have reported being unable to get past the loading screen without crashing. If you have, or have ever had, a “Killer NIC”, please read on.

We believe there is a fault in the drivers released with Killer network cards, for example the Killer e2200 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20). Even if you are no longer using one of these cards, you may still have associated software and drivers installed.

We know of two solutions for this problem:

  • If you are no longer using this network card, you can simply uninstall all software and drivers belonging to the device.
  • Update to the latest manufacturer-provided drivers using the following link.

We recommend following any installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. However, one of our users was kind enough to provide these notes to us describing his steps in performing the update. We reproduce them here in case they will be of use to you:

  1. Download the Killer Network Suite.
  2. Uninstall the Qualcomm Atheros Killer Network Manager, if present.
  3. Restart your computer to complete the uninstall.
  4. Install the Killer Network Suite.
  5. Restart again to complete the new install.

Game will not appear available to install or play on Steam.

If you have previously been a part of family sharing on Steam and someone who shared it with you owned the original Evolve, their account may be telling you old information about Evolve that does not match up with Evolve Stage 2 causing a conflict in Steam. We don’t have a solid understanding of how it’s happening in Steam’s software so here are some things you can try to resolve the issue.

  • Have the person that owned Evolve(A) run the new Evolve to update the information. Have the shared individual(B) Relaunch.
  • If that does not work, try unsharing the libraries first, then have user A launch the new Evolve and have user B relaunch before reconnecting the library.
  • If that does not work, verify game cache and relaunch,
  • If that does not work, reinstall steam. You can save your games though to avoid re-downloading them.

Hopefully understanding that a shared user’s library with original Evolve causes issues, enables you to find the resolution for you.

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Evolve Stage 2 Crashes on Startup
If Evolve.exe actually runs when you press Play, (you can verify it’s running with either Task Manager or SysInternals Process Explorer), but then crashes, and Verify Integrity hasn’t fixed it, there could be several ways to go.

If it fails within 3 seconds or so, and no Game.log or error.dmp is emitted, then:

  • Make sure your antivirus/background app is not quarantining the game (see this Steam article for help on how to disable background apps)
  • Make sure Steam is running and you are in Online mode.
  • Evolve needs access to the Internet, even in solo modes. Please make sure your firewall allows Evolve.exe through.
  • Missing system DLLs will cause Evolve to fail a couple seconds after launching. Please see “Patch DirectX and VcRedistr from within the game’s folders” above.

User Data

If you had an older version of Evolve, then got the new hotness version and now it crashes, or it launches but the window is all messed up, or you have a black screen or bizarre rendering glitches, you may want to try deleting Evolve’s user data using this batch file (Google Drive download.)

Instructions for use:

  1. Exit Evolve.
  2. Exit Steam.
  3. Download the batch file and put it anywhere on your system.
  4. Double-click the file.
  5. Check result: Runs quickly and disappears = Good; red text, box stays open for you to read it = Bad.
  6. Launch Steam.
  7. Launch Evolve.

Evolve Stage 2 Crashes After Loading
If you get all the way into the game, but just at the end of the loading screen it crashes, deleting userdata could help too, but there is no guarantee. PLEASE NOTE: this will also nuke all locally built shaders, making you have to build them again which can result in low FPS problems, so think carefully before using this.

If you have tried all the above and still have no luck, please head back to the Logs/Crash Dumps for information on how to create and submit this information.

FPS problems

As of 7/13/2016 there are known issue with missing shaders in the build. The signature behavior is uneven stuttering and frame rate drops. There could also be a black screen with assets eventually popping in. All you can do here is wait it out while the shaders get generated. When the problem comes from this source, time heals it, after enough games (Practice mode is perfect) you’ll have the shaders you need in order to run smoothly.

We believe the shader issue was resolved several updates ago.

However, if you are seeing a smooth but consistently and evenly low FPS: try lowering the Graphics Quality option. If your frame rate problems are uneven, with hitches and lurches, you might try:

  • Check how much free memory you have free while playing Evolve in the middle of a Solo game. If your PC’s memory is mostly used up, that may be the problem. Lower the quality setting to reduce memory usage, or try to free up memory on your system by shutting down programs that don’t need to be running.
  • Make sure other programs aren’t hogging your CPU or HDD while you’re playing.
  • Turn off logging, if you have it enabled.

Couldn’t allocate specular probe texture atlas

This error seems to indicate you’re not running on a DX11-capable graphics card. See our store page for minimum System Requirements

Asian language IME crash

Asian language speaking users may have an optional OS feature, the IME, enabled. There is currently a crash that may occur if the user hits a key that brings up the IME outside of our chat window. There is a fix for this in an upcoming patch, but for now, please be very careful NOT to hit random buttons on the keyboard!

Protocol Error
Did you receive the Protocol Error? If so please visit this topic and let us know what happened!

If you have tried all the above and still have no luck, you can still try…


You can make the game emit some log information while it runs. There may be a slight performance cost in game if you leave this enabled. The log often lacks useful information, but in a crash near startup for example, it might tell you about how far it got.

All you need to do is download and run this batch file: EvolveRunWithLog.bat

The Game log will automatically be copied to your clipboard, all you need to do is paste it into a text file, and search down at the bottom of the log for clues.

Many thanks to @fox_news and @ArPharazon for their help with this automation.

Crash dumps

A crash may result in EvolveGame\error.dmp being emitted. TRS is no longer able to analyze these files. You may wish to go here and submit a request for support:

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In the event that the type of crash you experience is a CryEngine Error popup with a DXGI error in it, (Ex. HUNG or DEVICE REMOVED etc.), this is an unresolved bug that affects some users, predominantly on recent or high end Nvidia cards. All you can do is change graphics options and modes to change the timing with which the game runs. Increasing or decreasing Evolve’s load on your system may reduce the frequency of the bug, or eliminate it altogether.

I own Legacy Evolve but I don’t have Founder Status

If you’re having any issues with your Founder Status here are some things to check before reporting any issues to My2K Support.

Make sure you have Founder status checked in your Steam client. The image below shows where this can be found. If it isn’t checked, make sure you click the box to make sure your Founders status is ‘on’ and it should update in game. If not be sure to send a ticket over to My2K Support to try and resolve the issue.

Please note that you’ll need to supply 2K Support with your Steam ID, information for how to obtain this can be found here:

To file a My2k Support Ticket go here:

My2k Service Error

If you receive this error:

Please follow these steps:

On your main account:

  1. Navigate to your local game files by right clicking on Evolve Stage 2 in your games library
  2. Select Properties from the drop down list
  3. On the new window select Local Files
  4. Choose Browse Local Files
  5. Find the “client.m2k” and “cache.m2k” files and delete them
  6. Restart the game

Incompatible programs

These programs are reported to cause Evolve to crash at startup:


##Missing Content Manifest

If you have received the following Steam error:
“An error occurred while installing Evolve Stage 2 (missing content manifest)”

And are having difficulty downloading from a certain destination related to your region, there is a work-around;

  1. Go into Steam
  2. Change the Region Settings to “Vietnam”
  3. Completely exit Steam
  4. Open Steam and try to download the update the game again. You should NOT have to re-download the game.
  5. Change your region back to its original region.
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#Windows Repair
Similar to the Steam Game Cache Integrity Verification, Windows also has a System File Checker tool that you can use to repair missing or corrupted system files!

Simply follow the steps in the link below:

#Nvidia Geforce Experience "Optimize"
Please don’t use it with Stage 2. We don’t think it works properly. It may cause graphical anomalies or poor performance. Please use our video options from the game’s Main Menu instead.

If you have already used it, and using our video options doesn’t help, you can try deleting User Data by following these instructions:


#2K Support
If nothing here helps, you may reach out to 2K for support: