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I’m more concerned about that fact that this dude got a girlfriend since he like Pokemon.Back when i was young i really don’t have time for anything,and Pokemon is kinda time consuming,i assume things…
Just out of curiosity,do you recognize my submit ?




Don’t be a butthead.

I was joking above but – maybe just use a more intelligent word that won’t offend groups of people. :heart: Trust me. It will be better for you in the long run for life.

Using that term to poke fun at someone is so 10 years ago.


Uhm,yeah,that was… impolite,yeah…
Don’t get offended @Delphox


I just realized something…




Im like an echo chamber. Ive been saying the same things since i got here. This old dog only knows one trick i suppose.



:smiley: 10 torvalds


I recall watching a Gentleman Squirrel Twitch and while in the dropship he was talking about Val’s butt and said something like “That was me. I did the lighting on that for you. You’re all welcome.” Hahahaha!


Anyone else go into that thinking “Sure, I’ll help TRS” and come out really emotional…? I’m not normally one for emotion and I don’t think it was too apparent in my response but… Damn.



Yeah, me too…
I mean I didn’t get emotional, but I just love the guys at TRS so I’m like “yay! I can help”

PS: already sent mine :heart:


LOL, what if the girlfriend likes pokemon too and they play against each other?

Besides I like pokemon and I am already married for almost 3 years. Pkmn is something you can get back into and leave without worries. It’s not a hardcore game.


Yeah.[quote=“Shaners, post:20, topic:109012, full:true”]
I’m really just surprised she could see my post on the forums.

Well, I was reading posts from my phone next to her. I blushed a bit when I saw your post. She got curious and… :sweat_smile:[quote=“LemonTree, post:21, topic:109012”]
Pokemon is kinda time consuming

It is, but I can balance it with other activities.[quote=“LemonTree, post:23, topic:109012”]
Don’t get offended @Delphox

No problem, bud. I know it’s strange. I met her thanks to Pokemon, so yeah :laughing:



And up to this day you still can’t breed them together…


Since they introduced egg groups, you can.


Oh you’re right, I thought they couldn’t with each other. Guess I got myself a myth busted (some stuff in pkmn just doesn’t make sense, so I believe it to be true. Besides, you breed everything with Ditto anyways).


Completed, hope it helps!


i didnt submit :frowning: i got no issue with the forums deemed as slow. we’re just in the ‘year-gap’ waiting for the next IP.

but if we’re in the suggestion box, then i’d have something else to say