TRS Forum Feedback Form


Hello everyone!

I know things have been quiet in-between big titles.
Thank you all for hangin’ around through everything, we love having you here! :slight_smile:

I wanted to take a moment to gather feedback from you for some research for the future.


Note: When you’re answering – it’s most helpful if they are answered when reflecting on the busiest time, rather than super quiet times like these.

Feedback based on the more exciting times will be much more useful for when we’re busy again! :smiley:

Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean anything big is happening super soon, I just wanted to try and pick your brains sooner than later! <3

Thank you everyone!

You can find the survey here >>



Oh my,TRS is shaking thing up


I’ve sent quite a mess… Hope it’ll be useful! :sweat_smile:


Were you the “Val’s butt” person? lmao


Mine’s done


[quote=“Shaners, post:5, topic:109012, full:true”]
Were you the “Val’s butt” person? lmao


you get 5,000 cookies for that GIF sir.

& I started playing Evolve for Val’s butt too. :heart:

Also, what is wrong with me why don’t I ever hit “reply?”


No, I’m not a pervert! :confounded:

Edit// Thanks Shane, now my girlfriend wants to kill me! :cold_sweat:


Yay, I just sent mine ;D


Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!

All the info is really helpful!

Especially yours, @garratose.


Welp…all I can say is this



It was @garratose!! I think…


Whoever said this:

“This is the best forums, so organized and not basic at all”

I applaud you.

No one wants to be basic.


But computers love basic :smiley:


I wish I understood this joke… but I don’t.

I’m sorry. :shane_alien:


No worries :slight_smile: There are more important things in life than understanding basic.


Welp, that’s not me. I still feel comfortable in here.


You got a girlfriend ???


I’m really just surprised she could see my post on the forums.