TRS Forum Community: Stop being idiots


You guys keep hiding my posts. Why? I am the voice of the consumer! Everyone respect me. Thank you. TRS needs to know that bugs are not ok


You just keep spamming the same threads and insulting people. No one will respect you like that.


Allow me to respond to your previous post:

They CAN’T. Whining about it won’t change anything. There’s a thing called the Xbox parity clause. What does that mean, you ask? Very simply, Xbox gets the updates first or at the same time. And those updates, for consoles, have to go through a lengthy certification process. For god’s sake man, learn to be patient. I know this generation is very used to instant gratification, but the real world doesn’t work like that. God help you when you start looking for/get a job.

Furthermore, I’m kind of surprised at your sheer audacity. You come here, on a forum for the game, and expect people to agree with you that we need to hurt the game to get a patch faster. That takes some serious stones. You’re basically asking us to hurt a game that many, if not all, of us like. Hurting the game like this will not make things better. All it does is- you guessed it- hurt the game. There is no magic solution that will get a PC out faster than the speed of the work they have to do and the processes they have to go through.

As for this… you do not speak for all of us. Get off the soapbox. Some of us are happy with what we’ve got. And no, you do not command our respect… you are just demanding our attention.


Please stop going on rants about his rants, you’re just feeding trolls by over reacting to this thread.


Point taken.