TRS/EVOLVE Making Of Documentary


I sent this to TRS-PR but wasn’t able to get a response, so I figured I would throw this here to gauge interest. I really believe the watchability of Evolve is something under explored and worth documenting.

I work with a team that has produced an extensive portfolio of video content and we can plainly see that TRS would be a great subject of a documentary if approached the correct way. I personally believe the competitive potential of Evolve is enormous, and even bigger would be the viewership of competitive events. I think what sets Evolve apart is that it’s a truly unprecedented viewing experience.

I’d love to discuss with anyone who’d be willing about a potential documentary series that could chronicle Evolve’s dev story briefly and explore the Evolve Competitive scene. I’ve seen the struggles for the first month of the game and have been advocating it’s story to my coworkers but I think the game needs an explanation and backstory delivered in a compelling video piece that isn’t just hyped PR propaganda.

Recent Work:
Live From the Fourth Floor - Little Hurricane for the San Diego Union Tribune (Show Pilot)

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Balboa Park: The Jewel of San Diego for The San Diego Tourism Association

I also directed a docu-series about game artists for the Procreate App by Savage Interactive

David Hellman (artist: Braid)

Lee Petty (artist: Double Fine Studios)

my full work can be viewed here

if anyone is interested in helping this get funded, it’s something we would love to contribute our sweat to.

a dreamer,


Maybe yall could start by interviewing the moderators in the forum community, as much as I’d love to contribute but I think they’d be a great start. Do y’all have a kick starter or something?


No kickstarter yet, hopefully we can find a way to fund it otherwise. It would take a great deal of coordination with the studio and critically open communication, so it’d have to have TRS blessing as well.

Would love to tie a third party to it a la HyperX and their LoL video initiatives. We’re located in LA, so it wouldn’t be difficult to execute.


Hmm @MacMan @Matthew or @SlabOMeat? I can’t really make a suggestion that would help too much but maybe they’ll be able to answer how to go about getting blessing


thx @ OP for putting a spotlight on this band :D, rly love it <3


haha no problem, all credit to the band though