TRS >> Evolve - Dev Team Stream! | 04/08 12PM PST



5:00-7:00 PM PST12:00PM - 2PM

Cory, Shane, & Tara

[[ Watch here! ]]

IDARB w/ Evolve [[ [Watch here!]( ]]

TRS VS Moving Hazard [[ [Watch here!]( ]]


[[ Watch here! ]]

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Awwwwwww, I’m gonna miss it! :sob: Have fun guys!


I too will miss this, but I’ll make sure to catch up later. But yay for getting some of the lesser seen faces in to games on stream!


I agree!

I really want to get more of the devs out there for you guys to hang with!!


6th comment.

I claimed it.


I’m gonna miss it, but I was curious as to if this would be L4D blindfolded or not.


I’m gonna miss it too like everyone else so far lol :frowning:

wish you guys luck!


Just realized something…

Duhfuq am I gonna do when there is absolutely no one to play against in Evolve. Such a good game


Aw, dance camp means I’ll miss this


Me on my way to that dank TRS stream, no matter what form it takes.


I’ll definitely tune in! L4D is a lot of fun. :smiley:


So… Left 4 Dead is getting new content then? Otherwise why not Jason, Lianne, Tara & Cory vs Evolve?


Will you guys be playing your unreleased L4D map? :slight_smile:


HOLY BALLS. :tara_erg:

I’ll be there!


I think TRS are (rightly) trying to foster a community relationship that transcends Evolve.


I understand, but it’s not like Evolve have too many streams or anything. And it is their latest title and the reason we’re all here.


That sounds terrifying. I don’t know if I could do that… could be an interesting experiment though.

Hmmm… :thinking:


We’re still going to maintain Evolve streams when we have stuff to focus on for the stream. I would expect our next stream to be the Micropatch and if we feel the need to throw anymore streams out there we will.

This is more about us as devs interacting with the community and just having a good time. Left 4 Dead is really just the start for us, and we have plans on making this Friday stream get way more interesting. :slight_smile:


You guys and your time zones…

I could make it if it was pushed one hour further, cause when you start the stream it’ll be 5AM in the morning here…

But yeah. Another stream missed.