TRS_EV Steam Group (Invite Only)


I was wondering if someone from the group would be able to add me on steam? :smile:

My Steam ID account can be found here:

Thanks to anyone doing this for me :wink:


I’ve sent you a friend request. I can invite you into the group when you accept it. :smile:


Consider it done! Thanks man.


Always happy to help. :bucket_salute:



@Bot, Let me know when you have send the Invite :grin:


Add me you dumb AI. :stuck_out_tongue:



Is that Sableye?


It sure is, a monster on its own rights. :wink:


Dude, Sableye is legit my favorite Pokemon. Well, right behind Jirachi.


It’s a pokemon feared for rustling other pokemon’s Jimmies, muhahaha :smiling_imp:


I thought I had done it already. Maybe I made a mistake? :open_mouth:


No worries bro! It’s done, I’ve “evolved” into the group membership, thanks for that.


Invite me?



I’ve send you a friend request, I’ll send you an invite when you have accepted.


Could you invite me too I’ll have my pc build finish here soon and I’ll have evolve for pc in February my steam name is the same as my username


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