TRS: Earlier teasers maybe?

Basically, everytime a new character comes out, I hop on evolve and spend a good few weeks playing. However, now has come the period that I begin to get slightly bored (in the most non-offensive way possible) and I have to start playing other games because there just isn’t enough being given for me to stay focused on Evolve.

Now, personally, I think TRS need to take a page out of other developers’ books and start giving little reveals like teaser trailers much earlier than they currently are. For instance CoD managed to keep fans hyped by dropping trailers a good few weeks before the DLC actually drops, or they at least show a poster of all the content coming up.

I understand TRS may not have finished the content etc but I’m not asking them to RELEASE the characters earlier, I’m simply suggesting they release full posters or teasers of the characters so that fans are constantly hooked and are wanting to know more and more. It works with every other studio, and the current system they have of waiting two months and then a week before the character releases they drop a trailer? It’s not good enough. And no, silhouettes of characters do not count. I mean full coloured images. Or maybe every week, a new segment of each character’s body part is shown? Head for last maybe, but arms, legs, chest, etc. That could be really good and I’d certainly be hyped to check back every week.

We need more information, just a teaser a little bit earlier so that fans like me don’t tired and have things to discuss. Even just drop some hints on new abilities of each character etc! It’s not that big of a deal and will really help quench the thirst of some fans.

I truly hope TRS take this into consideration. I do love your game and have been with it since release. Thank you.


I’d rather them not. TRS’ way if teasing is unique to them. Like their game is unique to its genre. I think silhouettes keep everyone hyped. As you said, maybe posters or something may hype people more by showing a bit more detail but if they stray too far away from the silhouettes then it’ll just make them too obvious and not as exciting when they’re fully revealed.


TRS know how to handle it. Setting the hype train off too early often results in it running out of steam and coming to a halt before the character is ready. Whilst I do agree info has been thin recently, have faith that it’ll reveal itself in due course. Also, theres nothing wrong with playing other games - it’s a good to vary what you’re playing, I haven’t played Evolve for over a month, and thats simply because I’m playing Witcher. Healthy breaks are good, it keeps stuff fresh! Perhaps don’t run new content into the ground so much.


By no means am I running the content into the ground. I’m just providing some suggestions that may assist their seemingly decreasing player Base.

Well for one it could prevent the issue of so many arguments and conflict in the community about characters and features. It doesn’t seem to occur with other games (at least to my knowledge) but due to the way TRS reveal their content so late it keeps everyone hyped yes, but also keeps a lot of people bashing heads. I doubt they will change anything anyway, but from what I’ve seen, it could be a great solution to assist their decreasing player Base.

They do that though. Before they revealed Jack, they did the gif on their Twitter. Before Lennox they added in-game audio about a “Granny in a Mech Suit”

I mean there is this for T5 Monster…


Lennox hinted at Jack by talking about “Arthur” before Jack ever came out too.

Or that could also be for another character according to theories floating around the forums!

Pretty sure Matthew confirmed it was Jack’s dad, so that was hinting at Jack. Also, I can 100% confirm to you that it is not another of the T5 characters.

Oh trust me, I know which rumors to believe and which might be nothing

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First off I’m pretty sure the 2K PR department handles reveal timings and things. TRS makes the trailers, silhouettes and content, 2K tells them when to put it out.

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Jack Arthur Lennox.
Confirmed in stream to be Jack’s full name.

Yeah but my mom doesn’t call me by my middle name.

He could have gotten his middle name from his father…

And she already calls him jack anyways, why switch it randomly


Well I am not hyped anymore but rather regret that I sent my money on the Tier 5 without considering that it might take another few month to get the full content and by that time I am almost sure I am not playing the game that frequently if at all.

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Not fussed who does it, just giving a suggestion :slight_smile:

Yeah I do agree. Black ops 3 and battlefield will be out soon so I doubt I’ll be playing evolve much longer

I hadn’t heard that one yet. Gimme dat monster noooooow. :scream:


Gotta love it when you put Lennox and Jack in the same team and as soon as Jack dies, Lennox is the last one standing and says “I hope Arthur is okay. I miss him.”

No, that’s definitely not confusing.

Here ya go: