TRS! Don't listen to the Hive Mind requests!

Everyone seems to want some sort of hive mind monster that spawns a ton of minions… I know how much you listen to the community but please for the love of shear don’t do this! I know you have already said it would not be feasible, but I just want to make sure =P

There are just way too many problems with a swarm monster.


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People still don’t trust TRS in their decisions.

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I’m with you. I would hate the style of playing a hivemind monster or even playing against one.

Please bring another fighter type like Goliath. Maybe even Scorpio! :smiley:

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Dude check out my Fully Fledged Monster Ideas thread, I have a scorpion monster there =D

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Yeah I wouldnt mind PLAYING a hivemind monster, I just know it would be broken and not fun to play AGAINST

Maybe if there were some kind of game mode wher the hunters are assaulting a hive with a bunch of tanks and soldiers, and the monster has to protect the queen or something, bringing her food to spawn minions etc. That could be cool

Like a reverse Defend mode


The reason being is having a hivemind monster puts too much work into relying on the AI. That makes the game frustrating for both hunter and monster.

Yeah they way I see it, the hive monster would have to rely on other entities to deal its damage and win, but that actively removes the actual monster from the hunters. Hunters have to kill the minions, but never get to damage the monster, kinda like decoy x 10.

How about a really big tank from L4D

They already have the biggest monster, I dont think any monster will get tankier either.

I’m thinkin more like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t want a Witch?

Wraith is already like a witch =P

Do they look alike to you? ^.-






It could also be made to look like your picture, or the Goliath. Cut any face. put it on the Wraith, and then claim it looks like anyone on Earth.

This thread took a weird turn. But I am with you on the swarm monster being a bad idea. Its too much trouble.

Nice buns, hun.

It was actually the opposite reason they scrapped it - playing as a Monster but unable to control your abilities isn’t much fun, they said. I dunno, they could make a pretty crazy creature without it having AI-controlled minions.

Re: Hive Mind, I think if implemented similar to a Nest+Defend scenario, where you (the Monster) has to defend the Hive, and by some actions you can spawn 1-2 minions to help you, that’d be pretty cool.

The Hive Mind could have some sort of defense mechanism that would add up to something akin to turrets perhaps. Monster could get 1 Minion, but otherwise hunters are trying to destroy the Hive and the Monster is trying to stop hunters while also trying to feed the hive (or something…)