TRS dont exaggerate it now, you did an good job


First of all i love the game, and I love the new t4 hunters even if i just play crow.
I love the new monster so i played behemoth alot the last days. Before my monster experience were nearly zero.

I can see both sides the one who is complaining monsters are op and the one hunters are op. But if we are serious none of them really are. An good player who is used to play monster everytime, nearly the same finding paths to feed and eat good buffs etc. should win against an random coop team which refuse to even talk to each other.

Iam wondering about the new announcements, i play monster since 3? Days? And I can handle the behemoth quite well. Yes he has to much weak spots and takes tons of damage and yes it would be great if that get fixed BUT in addition to that you will increase his health and armor?
In addition to that you will lower the damage of the t4 hunters?
In addition to that you will decrease the slow effect, which makes him really squishy?

Maybe to many changes to balance them right i hope you will make it boys.

On the other hand, yes maybe sunny does to much dmg okay but here drone is really nice and easily to evade.
The jetpack boost is an nice buff but not rlly game breaking you just have to change your playstyle as monster. Same with gobi, no he isnt op but yes you arent able to evade domes till stage 3 now and?

Please trs dont change to much with the new update. I love it when i win as the monster cause its challenging if i just make one mistake iam fucked. And I loose very often, but if i win its really cool feeling so please dont overnerf or overbuff something cause people complain alot. They will do it everytime.



To be honest, the only things unbalanced right now are very, very minor. Behemoth is a little buggy, Wraith is a lttle underwhelming, Tier 4’s damage output is a bit too high. That’s all.


Yes thats it.

People should stop complaining and start playing both sides to get an good view of it.


Not to worry! The base their changes mostly on the numbers, with an eye on what the community voice is.


The changes won’t come for 7 weeks again so you don’t have to worry.


Changes confirmed for less than a week’s time.


Yes micropatching.
They make the behemoth casual again :confused:
Thats sad nerfing roll dmg higher CD on heavy attacks etc. Spamming this wasnt intended okay i unterstand but use it clever and push someone away from the others will be more difficult now.
Yeah the behemoth get something back but i dont like that. I think hunters have to get puniched if they are so dump fighting me in a cave and trying to stand directly in front of me instead of an higher ledge.
Good hunters will kill behemoth Bad hunters got killed easy in stage 1.
That was fun


I love a guy that sees the truth.


So do I. Seen any around lately? :stuck_out_tongue: