TRS Devs play - Tom Clancy's: The Division


When we’re not busy working on Evolve and chasing Gobi around the studio we love to just kick back and play some games. So tonight with The Division launching I’ll be kicking things off with streaming myself and a few other TRS devs kicking some ass in the dark zone. :tara_erg:

By the end of the night expect us to be kitted out looking like a bunch of badasses. Our goal we want to reach below:






Damn you Ubisoft and your servers.


Now I know what the Mizx looks like… buahahaha :smiley:

I would totally join you guys but I just don’t think I have great things to say about the game atm :frowning:


This game is so incredibly unoptimized. I can’t believe they had 2 betas and still haven’t increased framerate.

A 4790k @ 4.5ghz and a 280x should not get 40-60 fps on low settings in any damn game that isn’t some form of Crysis. Lots of people having trouble streaming it because of all the optimization problems.

Props to TRS for not making Evolve as unoptimized as The Division while making Evolve look faaaar better.


Anyone want to buy me the game?


Yeah, i’ll buy it for you, give me 60 bucks :stuck_out_tongue: .



Thug life



I can’t wait to get home and play this! Got it pre-downloaded it last night!


I didn’t get to see the stream. How did you guys like the game?

I liked the beta but wasn’t sure if the game would have enough replayablity to make me buy it.


There’s a lot of kicking going on here… monster punting hunters animation confirmed?


I like to kick things what can I say.

Side note, I’ll prob try to stream every night I can this week around the same time as I keep playing through The Division. Had a really fun time playing it last night and I know a lot of people around the studio have been as well. :slight_smile:


did someone say kicking? Kicks Sandy