TRS, customs skins be real with me


So it’s 6 am here I’ve just watched dec 5 the live stream and on a loading screen I saw a comment saying show off your custom monster and weapon skins.

Am I just incredibly tired or does this mean we can make our own skins for weapons and monsters??

EDIT it was around 41 mins for any interested

Custom skins?

That’s referencing Savage Skins, Elite Skins and other skins that will be available. We don’t currently have a way to support players making their own skins.

However… I think community made skins is a good idea. Maybe we can release template textures and let the community make and upvote their favorites, and then we could include the top ones officially in future updates. Let me pitch the idea around a bit and see what happens.

Custom skins?

Is there any plan for Steam Workshop integration in the future? Would that be doable with the engine and whatnot?

Custom skins?

Yeah, if we did something like that, it would probably make sense to use Steam Workshop’s voting system to let the best stuff bubble to the top.

Custom skins?

Glad to hear it. Although I know some players don’t like skins, often I think because they generally come with price tags attached, I still love being able to customize my characters and make them look as cool as possible. I tend to get attached to characters in all stories, whether games, movies, books, or whatever, so I hope to see more customization in the future.


Ah! I must have misinterperated then, but the function to do that would be cool : D


Lovely to hear about Steam Workshop support!


Would those other skins be part of updates that we pay for, so we pay for update and we get them OR do we pay for update and then still have to pay for the skin?


yeessss plss.


I do have one request if you guys do this…


I beg you. Please don’t. No silly skins. And by silly I mean literally silly. Like stupid hats or pink Goliaths. Just no.

:goliath_roar: doesn’t want to be humiliated!!! HAVE A HEART!


I would be down with this.


LOL. As strongly as I agree with you, I don’t think we have to worry. That silliness (to a point) enhances a game like TF2, but of course would absolutely ruin a game like this. I also say this because the first day I start to see Shear in rainbow colors would, in fact, be my last day seeing Shear.(And I forsee playing this game a LONG time :slight_smile: )


I have to agree here.

There needs to be an option, defaulted to on, which says “Do not load custom textures” I’d personally be saddened to see this game’s great graphic style (like TF2’s) turn to garbage by the possibility of god-awful skins being supported. As long as we had a safe check in place like this, supporting such skins would be fine, since they would not modify what I see on my screen.

I adored TF2’s art style. It has been made shallow and unattractive by the plethora of ill-designed items for it. That’s just my own personal opinion, but I often wonder if the TF2 environmental artists are spinning in their seats with frustration at what all their hard work has turned into.


I do quite like this idea, but I also have to agree with the “don’t turn it into TF2” statement. If turtle rock filtered through popular community skins for stuff that would make sense in game, I would be so excited for that! Monster skinning may have to become a new hobby then :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t mind custom skins if it’s only client side. You could use whatever silly skin you wish but wouldn’t without being visible to the rest of the players.


Free pink goliath for easier spotting.

Oh my god, now I want a pink Goliath. It has to be a thing eventually…right?


And only custom skins for the team you’re playing, otherwise it’s cheating.


yes ! yes !

  1. gib mapping tools to community
  2. get back hello kitty plastered goliath
  3. ???
  4. winning


If you do use steam workshop is there any chance you can make those skins available for console owners via updates or something?


I’m not seeing crytek giving us the ability to mod.