TRS could you tell us how to obtain some of the player emblems...?


I think there should be text next to each emblem picture so you know how to unlock it,I’d like to know how to get some of them but obviously i don’t know.

Is it by 5 staring some of the accolades you get these emblems or what…?


Accolades have nothing to do with badge acquisition. Badges are earned by Eliting Characters, earning them through the Hunters Quest App, your personal level and winning on the new maps with each of the 3 Nest, Hunt and Rescue modes.

That being said, being able to see what unlocks something would be nifty to have :smile:
P.S. Oh ya, you also get some badges for beating the tutorials on gold medal times.


I would love for this to be added. There are a few emblems I have that others haven’t got and I don’t know how I unlocked them. :smile:


ok thanks i guess i’ll have to start playing rescue and nest on the new maps then and hurry with my monster elites.


The hunters quest phone game unlocks one whenever you get a hunter to level 30, these could be the ones your missing


I really wish there was a free guide somewhere so if I were to target a badge component, I would know how to unlock it.