TRS Community Tournament Free-Agent List: Sep 26th Sign-ups open!

With the sparkly new beautiful info about the bi-weekly community tournaments, there has been an influx of people looking for teams. So, I decided to make a free-agent list(S/O to google forms) for an easy place to find members.
This is similar to NJP’s form for the ESL tournament except it is solely for the bi-weekly community tournaments and will be refreshed every 2 weeks, so make sure to fill out the form for every tournament, it’s not a one time deal, unless of course you only want to take part in one tournament.
So, fill out the form and get a lookin’ :smile:.

Sep 26th

List of Free Agents Here
Free Agent Form:


You… … … Good guy :smiley:
This should get pinned so that it is a main thread.


Cool, hope some more teams will be made with this :smile:

I know I’m gonna use it

I think there are some mistakes in the form.

When are you online to practice if need be?
Just pick the times you are usually online and reachable. You can check multiple times.
12 AM - 3 AM EST
3 AM - 6 AM EST
6 AM - 9 AM EST
9 AM - 12 PM EST
12 PM - 3 PM EST
3 PM - 6 PM EST
6 PM - 9 PM EST
9 PM - 12 AM EST
What day is the Tournament? *

Maybe i made the mistake, but i think i selected 6 AM - 9 AM EST, but in the sheet it says PM…

What time does the tournament start? *
10 PM PT
10 PM PT
10 AM PT

10 PM PT is twice in the list!

Why do you have EST when the Tournament is PT? That means I have to convert 10AM PT into EST, and then EST into GMT+8 for myself.

Nice. Hope I filled it out correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

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Currently looking for a long term (preferably 7 years) contract with any team. Looking at the price range of 50-90 million dollars. Willing to negotiate. Contact my agent if interested. /s


I’ll fill this out later tonight; should be fun, and fingers crossed!

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all signed up , should be fun its a casual tourney so hopefully no ragers .

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I’m signed up (xbox). Message me here or on xbox live. Looking forward to this!

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I signed up as well (xbox). I’m really hoping to play in this, should be a ton of fun!

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All signed up! Hope to see some hidden evolve skills how up!

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Thank you for pointing these out, I will fix a soon as I have the time.

If anyone wants to add me on ps4 ,super chill player , 24 yo , just looking to play around and improve , looking to do this casual tourney . gamer tag is finn merten

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Nice initiative. Added myself to the list. Steam-name is YouFightLikeACow.

I sucked up my fears and sent in a form. Good luck to everyone on the list. :smile:

@chrono You have one guy with two identical entries (XMetrusX PS4), if you want to fix it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thankyou, will fix

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i want to create a team for the ps4 and the xbox one tournaments. if any of you are interested please message me on here facebook xbox live or the playsation network My Gamer tag and psn is LRoderick.

I swear someone already made this thread.