TRS Community Team Major Update!


Hello everyone!

There has been a bit of movement in the Studios of Turtle Rock since the departure of the lovely @DamJess ! :cry:

Since she has left, I have taken over every facet of Coordinator & Manager, with the help of the beautiful @Chloe.

I was officially promoted to Community Manager as of last week!

There is much excitement because it has always been a pleasure and blessing to be your Coordinator, and, with this new title, I am going to be even more involved with you and our community! Needless to say, I am super honored. <3

Though we have been able to make it work, I haven’t been able to fully devote myself fully to the areas I am the most passionate about, (i.e. forums, streams, additional video content, etc). I am very pleased to announce that, with my advancement, came the delegation of the Community Coordinator title.

There was one person that fit not only every ask that is needed in the Coordinator title, but has even more insight that will make our Community team the strongest it can be. You have seen him go from being a skilled Evolve player and devoted Evolve Community member to working at TRS as part of the Balance Team & QA! He is every bit as passionate as I am, & always has the community’s best interest in mind. It was because of all those reasons and many more that I chose this person to be my right-hand man.

That person is Cory, aka @Insane_521 .

We look forward to seeing what he has planned to help us make this community the best it can be! Congratulations Cory! The Community Team has officially gone to Stage 3!
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Noice! And good luck!


Wooo Congrats Cory!


Nice job! Welcome to your new thing! I think the word is promotion… Yeah I’ll go with that!

#:smile: :thumbsup:



For glory! Congrats on the promotion Insane_521!



WE LOVE YOU @Insane_521


This is well deserved, he’s been very active and helpful on these forums. Congrats!


OK, so is it Team “Corners” from now on? Or does it have to be Team “Shanry” because of seniority?

Definitely a great fit @Insane_521 :smiley:


two tags?

Prepare for trouble!

Make it double!




And Meowth, that’s right!

I’ll go now.


Good thing there’s no Stage 4. Yet.

I mean, err… Congratulations!




I personally like Corners. hahaha


Hooray for Team Corners!


so what came over the decision to having two “community” titles? or were there two to begin with?



Ok, that was brilliant xD




There were two. Jess was Community Manager & I was hired as Community Coordinator!