TRS Community PAX South Meet 'n Greet


Planning to be at PAX South this year or live in San Antonio?
We would love to hang with you guys , January 28th at 17:00 for an Unofficial / Official Evolve / TRS Meetup.

We would love to see all of you… & your friends! @Chloe & I will be there representing TRS.

Depending on who shows up… Coffee / Dinner / Hangout Sesh… not 100% sure yet. Maybe some Texan fans have a few ideas? :smiley:

We will be in San Antonio TX at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. We will update the exact area closer to time!

200 East Market St.
San Antonio, TX 78205

January 28th from 17:00 - 19:00

It will be our first time in TX since we began working for TRS and we’d love to have the chance to meet with some of you who are located closer to TX than Cali!

Please comment in this post whether or not you will be able to join us! :slightly_smiling:

Hope to see you there.

-TRS Community Team


SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE I’m in Europe! Can’t you guys like… Come to Sweden, or something!? ;_;


Please tell me you’ll be there next year. I’m planning to go next year. :anguished:


We were at Gamescom in Germany! That might be the closest we’re getting! :,( I would love to visit Sweden… #lifegoals


I can’t promise… but it it’s awesome, we’ll try our hardest!


Tip, come in the summer! The other seasons are awful. xD


you know…if i knew a week ahead of time, i would of been able to make it… i live in the east houston area.

last minute updates are bad.



I’m sorry!! :frowning: </3


Just means y’all gata wait until next time to meet the community mastermind. lolz.


I don’t know why, but this has reminded me to get back to writing my story for Matthew and the one I’m currently pursuing a publisher for.


Aww haha YASSSS


I should have it done by tomorrow. The characters the community picked are gonna be hard to write with, but I’ll make do. Matthew’s character though, he’s something. Don’t know what to call him.


Next time you guys have to come to Perth! We have… Cheeky Nandos? That’s about it really. The city’s nice aswell!

Yeah, I think your better off going to Sydney if you are planning to come to Australia any time soon. :smile:


Australia is the dream vaca… or New Zealand… I’d be happy with either. haha


Pax East mayhaps?


So far it doesn’t look like we’re going. :frowning: We want to though!!


Will you guys be streaming tomorrow like the usual Thursday? Or can we expect to watch you guys live in TX?


And here I thought that was just a british term.


Well the Brits colonised here, they also brand some good old cheeky Nandos here aswell.

Do you guys have Pie Face?


Not to my knowledge. Or if we do, I wouldn’t know of it because I moved to Sweden like 3 years ago.