TRS Can We PLEASE Talk about Joining Matchmade Already Lobbies in Game?


Particularly not doing it. Ever.


Could always just ask for a restart when you join =)


You could talk to the community about stopping rage-quitting.
Of course, people crash as well, which isn’t too fun.


Always gets down voted.

Particularly when it throws you into a game and your selected character is getting mauled.


If we do what you want then once someone leaves you would be almost guaranteed to never have that spot filled. I’d rather join a match in progress every once in awhile rather than be forced to play with bots cause people don’t like joining in progress matches.


Play out the match. Simple as that.

People are already complaining about hardly finding anyone when searching for a game. This would just leave too many half full games which wouldn’t be fun.

Non ingame lobbies are available for about 3 minutes? While a match can take up to 20 or more.

Sorry but this is the worst suggestion.


Great idea, especially when considering how many opponents want to restart a more or less free win…oh wait…

Players who join matches in progress should be free to leave. No loss, no penalty. Either that or allow us to queue for “fresh” games only. I’d rather wait longer than waste my time with this BS.


If you’re already on the brink of death (which I’m guessing you mean by getting a free win), you wouldn’t need to worry about anything as the match will be over and done with real fast. Might as well suck it up, stand still and die. Quickest way to get your preferable role.


Not so much when I never was talking about the match being over.

I find more often that I join games where I die, just to wait 2 minutes before actually playing.

As in…joining in when my character is getting face beaten. Not losing the match.


I’d rather play with bots 80%+ of the time…because human players are more frequently just dumb. Probably becaus all the good players are getting fed up with the game go itchiness…and apthhe poor matchmaking.

Or…you know. Go with what I said and have a lobby waiting que. not that hard. Instead of playing with bots, put people in a lobby and not start the game until a vote is passed? Pretty easy solution for the made up problem you tried to counter with.


People leave matches or disconnect or crash… if you lose someone in a match and we give people the option to opt out you won’t get that match filled 9/10

Also what made up problem? Is it made up that people leave or disconnect? How does a lobby waiting queue fix people leaving mid match?

If you’d rather play with bots go play solo then or customs and invite a monster.