TRS Can We (I) Have Gorgon's VFX Concept Art?!


(Feel to change subject if in the wrong area :slight_smile: Thanks!)

If you have no idea what Real Art is well I call it that and Justin Cherry uploaded these onto his ArtStation:


TRS I would love it if we (I) could have Gorgon’s if there is any @Shaners @Insane_521


Here you go.


Or do you mean just the art for the effects?


Not specifically what I am looking for : /

Still awesome art though


You mean “concept art?”


Yea :stuck_out_tongue: But it look real but I know it’s art so I like to call it Real Art


I don’t like using the term “real art.” It’s kind of insulting as an artist myself… :expressionless:

The term(s) you’re looking for is her VFX concept art.


I changed it just for you ma’lady :slightly_smiling:


Why thank you kind sir.




I can ask Justin Cherry on Monday. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind :slight_smile:


damn Behemoth has the most creepiest Tounge i hv ever see O.O


I know right? But it’s so cool!


Thank you Cory!


Here ya go!


It’s so cool! Thank you!

Tell him I said he’s the best!


That is beautiful.


Is this still a thing @Insane_521?