TRS can I get this one little change for Jack?

First off I love playing as Jack. He is by far my favorite trapper in the game. However, about half the time I go to put down a satellite spike Jack’s guns draw (while still looking at the spike) and he shoots his own spike destroying it in one shot and forcing another cooldown. This bugs the crap out of me and I think TRS needs to implement something for this. If I didn’t have to hold down the fire button the entire time to deploy the spike I don’t think I would have this issue anymore. Or simply give the spike a larger health buff BUT ONLY AGAINST JACK’S GUNS. I hope TRS puts something in for this it would save me a lot of frustration when playing as my favorite trapper.

This is on PC at least for me.

As far as i’m aware, hunters aren’t supposed to break other hunter’s placeable equipment. I could be wrong but this sounds like a bug


This is a bug since Hunter deployable items can’t be destroyed by hunters not even those that deployed them may want to change it from suggestion to bug also to help out the trs team add the console your on maybe upload a video but it’s definitely a bug like hydes toxic grenades destroying the satellite spike from a different post

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I agree with @ThisIsMineNow1, it seems a bit strange that you can destroy your own equipment and definitely sounds like a bug.

I’ll change the category to ‘bugs’ if you don’t mind.

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I didn’t figure it for a bug, but thanks for the info. Hopefully we get a fix for it then.

Can you record it? That seems like a very odd bug 0_0

Also what platform are you on?

Check the bug that I listed weeks ago. You can destroy the spikes with many different weapons

I have tried to reproduce it in solo play with no luck yet but I have only noticed it in MP though. Ill see if I can record it when I get a chance,

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PC, he added it a few minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the part where I put my palm to my face isn’t? :laughing:
Thanks for letting me know.

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I’ve had this happen once. I was like “Wtf?..”, then ignored it, and just hoped somehow the monster destroyed it from 100 meters away. The next game I deployed/shot it, didn’t happen again. So not sure what’s up with it.

This bug was already reported. Will find the topic.

EDIT: Bug is currently logged already.