TRS Blew It

Remember when Gears 2 first came out and the multiplayer was horrendous and it took like 6 title updates to fix it? Evolve is the opposite, it was just fine before and TRS’s releases an update that destroys the game.

First, you now go to a preference screen which brings you to a searching for hunters screen which then brings you to class selection screen which then brings you to a searching for monster screen which then brings you back to a preference screen which then finally brings you to a loading screen for the game. Yea, awful.

BUT half the time you don’t get all the way because a hunter doesn’t end up selecting a class and instead of the game just picking a class for the remaining player, it boots you back out, this happened to me two times in a row just now. Ok, finally found a monster? Sorry, the game will boot the monster player when the first battle happens and the game will end.

I love this game and I love the developers but this is just wrong on so many levels.

While we appreciate coming to the forums and discussing your concerns this topic doesn’t belong here. These forums are meant for constructive criticism and feedback while this kind of topic typically sparks negativity.

Also the new changes are to allow Hunter players to play any role they so choose without being put in a role they dislike, naturally this will cause longer waiting times, I suggest getting a group of friends together as loading is much shorter that way and the game is much more enjoyable.


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Problems that happen in your universe don’t happen to everyone else.

I find matches quickly and easily.

I’ve never had the problem of people not choosing a class.

And I rarely ever get booted, let alone the monster getting booted.


Man, you’re really hunting for that leader status. That’s not a bad thing, of course. I actually prefer that we have more diligent members of the “lesser” community, if you will, stepping up and helping out the moderation team. Good job, Shredder.

Edit: Sorry if the term, “lesser” offends anybody. I just mean like… Lower priority personnel, if you will. People whose roles on the forums aren’t as tedious and powerful as the mods or leaders.

He could be more constructive but it doesn’t seem overly hostile either. Probably let it stay for now if the OP is actually interested in discussion.

@RiceNorim, anything more specific other than dc’s you have an issue with? Dc’s and the penalty for dc’ing is definitely a common complaint so hopefully it’ll get fixed.

As for why it boots people for not picking, well better they detect the AFK as early as possible rather than waiting for a monster, loading in the map, AND THEN finding out there’s an AFK.