TRS= Awesome


So Best Buy basically ripped me off and I didn’t get any of my “exclusive” pre-order content so what does MacMan do? Gets me the Monster expansion pass. I tip my hat to you sir, thank you very much :smiley:


TRS = best studio ever! It is such a shame that they are so small!


I wanna make sure he gets to see this so I shall summon him. We love you @MacMan! Way to be one of the absolute best influences in how customer service and satisfaction should be handled! Honestly, I hope some day you guys are game publishers as well so you can one-up people like 2K and EA.


What a legend
colour me impressed


This is proof that TRS are not out to rip anyone off, they’re just making their game and selling it.

They don’t deserve even a fraction of the crap they get on the net, not even the whole negative rap about the DLC that people have been passing as a word of mouth opinion about the game.

The game is original and good and people aren’t giving it a chance because the press has caught on that negative rant (unjustified, in my opinion, as every other game has DLC, and with Evolve had plenty of gestures of good will that make up even for it, while the usual AAA game companies keep doing worse things and get away with it).

So yeah, TRS is made up of good hard working people who love the game and want to make it as best as possible for the player base. It nice to see threads like this one for a change, with people that can see this and are grateful :slight_smile:


end of sarcasm pls


Wow. Now that is one heck of a customer service.

I tip my hat to you, TRS.


Took him a week to get the code to me, but that is irrelevant because he had to deal with 2K because they were probably like “just some guy trying to get a code for free” So I’m sure MacMan made sure I got the code by any means! If this isn’t proof of how they listen to customers and care about their customers I don’t know what is!


@MacMan I tip my hat off to you sir once again


Here’s another great example of Macman’s generosity! He really does go above and beyond for the players.


Maybe I’m mistaken, but If you’re referring to my post, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I don’t think anyone in this thread is, mind you.


We could always compile an image of things TRS has done and bring it up whenever people claim TRS is just out for our money


Sorry, I can’t hear you, what’s that? they helped people?


Besides, having free maps is great, as their decision not to split the community letting people play together with DLC hunters and monsters even if they don’t have them, or taking control of them. This is not as common as one would think.



Hats aren’t content, Cosmetics are also not content, They are filler. The only reason valve can do these “free” updates is due to the ridiculous sum of money they get in a day.

Everything bought on or through steam is money gained for Valve.


Can we please get a thread that compiles all of this?
@TheMountainThatRoars can we make this a thing?


Which threads do you want merged? And why?


none right now. just can we get a thread that collects all the threads of the good things Turtle rock studios has done for the community?
so threads like this one :3


I’m not sure we need one, we don’t really get spammed by those threads. Just seems to be a good day for it. :smiley:


Not saying its getting spammy at all just thought it would be convenient to find all that happiness in a single thread am I wrong?


If they start getting out of hand sure, but I’m sure the devs like seeing these among the others.