TRS any update on new maps,adaptation hunters & T6 in the works?


Haven’t heard any news on maps for hunt 2.0 in a while (hunt2.0 is in need of new fresher maps seriously) and when/what are the next hunter adaptations coming?

Also has TRS been cleared to make T6 or is it still undecided…? (really hope it get’s the go ahead)


Nothing official has been announced. But I am sure we’ll know if/when they’re ready. :slight_smile:


I would assume that we will hear one way or the other when they finish all adaptations. Once T3 is done we will most likely find out about T4-T5 adaptations as a possibility. And maybe even get a decision on T6, new maps, modes, etc.

I’m always optimistic that we will get a surprise or two here and there. They surprised us with murder pits a few months ago, so it’s not unlikely that they may do something like that again.


Honestly I think a significant part of the community are chomping at the bit for an official announcement of a tier 6