TRS any chance on ps4 to speed up the MM process/Load times..?


Hi guys, 2 things that really are spoiling my flow with Evolve is the fact the Matchmaking takes far too long to pair you with a lobby and the load times are too high at present.

Also when i quit a match because i don’t want to be say a monster (who is my last choice on preferences list) it then keeps putting me in the same game again and again,this gets so frustrating i end up comming off Evolve.

If these 2 things could get sorted out in the future (obviously i wouldn’t expect it to happen now) it would help keep my Hunger going on Evolve much longer without resulting in quitting, at the minute it feels like there’s a few too many road blocks stopping me truly enjoying Evolve.

I just hope the game don’t take too long to iron out all the issue’s and the player base don’t disolve because of it.There’s a lot of great games comming soon which means Evolve could be brushed under the carpet if things don’t get fixed which we don’t want do we.