TRS announces sale


Turtle Rock Studios will be acquired by EA, in an announcement Wednesday morning, for an undisclosed sum.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, said, “We saw an obvious opportunity for continued growth, after the enormous success of 2K’s pricing model with the release of Evolve, and we look forward to our next release. We anticipate the continued support of the gaming community during the transition.”

Click here to watch the full announcement video.


I’ll be glad when today is over. :laughing:


Thank goodness its April fools ^.^


I just waited for comments before clicking the link. I did the right thing :slight_smile:


I want to start a “Half life 3 finally announced!” Thread on the steam or valve forums XD


It already feels like they are owned by EA, under the name of 2K Studios.


Be prepared to duck! :laughing:


Lol I’m more concerned about arson than bullets!
@3bx well look on the bright side, we still get free maps. EA would rather shove pin needles under their toenails before they gave away maps


Jesus, I was just thinking rotten fruit! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


People take their half life announcements VERY seriously :joy:


So just in case my thread doesn’t go over too well, don’t be surprised if my post gets cut mid sente-


The Rick Roll counter. Glorious invention.


I haven’t been rick rolled in the longest time, if it hadn’t been for me posting my April fools thread last night I probably would’ve fallen for it! :slight_smile:


19 so far. Lol


You have surpassed my April fools thread by a football field, well done! Haha

It does look more legit, I’m taking notes lol


you scared the crap out of me


Had a buddy rick roll me recently with a very effective method. I sent an email with a link, he replied claiming that the link was broken. In his reply, he edited the link in my email… genius.


Masterfully done.


Depressingly, I believed it.



Wow, I was about to say wtf, then I saw it go to youtube and I knew it was coming. If it wasn’t April Fool’s day, I’d be locking this thread lol