@TRS: Alpha Key Question!


Since for those of us who were in the previous Alpha are able to download our Alphas now, are we going to still need keys when the alpha goes live on Friday?

Or can I give my extra keys to friends who weren’t able to get a key?

@DamJess, @SlabOMeat, @MacMan, @Chloe


Yes you will need a key to access the Alpha this weekend.
Xbox Keys have been delivered today
Steam Keys will be delivered tomorrow
PS4 Keys will be delivered Thursday


Isn’t the code to be able start downloading the game? If the people who had the Alpha last can download already then they wouldn’t need it right? Or will there be a code to enter once the game is already launched?


Have been? Odd… even after Pre-Ordering im still waiting.


Same here :frowning: i even pre ordered twice cus walmart messed up


But I have the alpha downloading. Really looking for a TRS reply. I haven’t seen anything to suggest its going to ask for an additional key.


The general knowledge right now is that a code was needed for everyone, but those that have participated in the previous Alpha have all stated that they are able to download the game now.

Last reports were that @DamJess was going to get a definitive answer but as it’s late in US time right now, I wouldn’t expect a response from her until tomorrow.

In the meantime, download the Alpha and be ready. You can also view this thread of others in your same situation: Do I have access?


Right, yea I’m in the same timezone as TRS but sometimes they are on late. :wink:

Just trying to find an answer, otherwise I’ll just save a key in case. But yea I’m downloading anyways.


2K has just tweeted:

“Were you in the last Evolve Alpha? SURPRISE!
Check your Steam account library right now. You’re in the #BigAlpha. Start pre-loading now!”

Looks like that’s the answer.


If I participated in the previous Alpha, am I automatically invited to the Big Alpha?
Yes, please check your Steam library for preload!

If you have extra keys, feel free to give them away :slight_smile: