Trouble getting into Big Alpha (PC)


Hello! I have been on top of this Big Alpha since it was announced… trying to get a code so I can enter! When they began to give out codes in the forums, I was too late each time. Then, this morning I heard the news and have tried dozens of times to register, with the code given out on the evolvegame website, and other websites, but to no avail. Each time I try and enter a code into the webpage and click submit, the page just reloads!

By the way, I’m trying to register for PC. It does seem this may be more aimed at consoles.

Anyway, I’m hopeful to get a code as I’d really love to spend Halloween weekend playing Evolve! I’d even pre-order the game on Steam to get access, but it doesn’t seem like that’s an option at this point. Again, the pre-order options seem to be aimed towards consoles.


These should be multi-use codes so you can try eithe of them, though they won’t give you as high a chance as a single use it still will give you a chance



Thank you! I got the first code to work. I used my phone; I am at work and I think the problem could have been on this end. Do you know if you can register with more than one code? Would that improve your chances? Thanks again!


I believe you can register more than one code and it will give you an extra chance to get in, but don’t quote me on that.


Use only one single-use code (or more if you’re very selfish) and as possible multi-use codes


I used maybe 6 or 7 keys by now to registere, must be unlucky if I’m not in :stuck_out_tongue:


6-7 single key?


nope, of these multi use keys ofcxourse, if i had a single use key I wouldn’t have to use 7 :stuck_out_tongue:


So you take 6 people their chance of getting into the alpha. <.<


if im not getting in to the alpha im totally blaming you :stuck_out_tongue:


THere’s a slight chance that I’m selected a few times but I don’t think so. Those are keys that people can use 1000+ times, if you’ve been following the game for long and you watched every stream and lots of facebook messages, they constantly mention new keys with every event, it’s not so wrong that people register at least once for each key, I’m not the only one doing that, it’s meant for people to try their luck. After all there are lots of regulars who are coming back, watch on the stream and try their luck again. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong by registering once for each key?

I’d say it’s not ethical to registere like 10 times on the same key. It’s not known wich percentage of users that are being added in each key If it’s only a small percentage, anyone who does it has a slight bigger chance, if it’s a big percentage it actually doesn’t matter because you know… LOTs of people will be satisfied…


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