Trouble finding games

Since the new update it has taken forever to find games and when I do find a game it’s with very poor low level players and it usually only puts me in a lobby with 1 other player. Before the update I could easily find a match with 3+ level 30+ other players (on the Xbox one)

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what platform?

I should have specified that! Haha on the xbox one

This seems to be the case with a lot of xbox players, myself included.

I think the problem started with the arena mode update, and after all those xbox matchmaking updates from the Lennox update, it’s still broken.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had success in changing preference to none, and completely quitting the game back to the dashboard anytime I try searching and it takes longer than 2 minutes.

When it connects, it does so quickly. When you sit there searching for 10 minutes, it just won’t find anything, ever. I’ve restarted searches, logged out and back in, but the only thing that has helped is quitting and restarting evolve.

Also, if you are in a party, do not use party chat. Once you’re in a lobby and playing games, you can start a chat party or adjust your preferences. And obviously, never leave your lobby. Just play with what you got.

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