Trolls wasting time


Some monster players are dragging games out, keeping one clueless dumbass hunter alive and waiting for dropship, only to kill the entire team except for that that insipid mouth breather.

Please fix this TRS, before I tear my hair out.


Elaborate? How exactly were they dragging out the game?


Read again.


Yeah I’ve seen this, the final hunter can be right in front of the monster and the monster purposely let’s them live so they can get more easy kills from the respawned hunters with strikes.

Last time I saw this was with a tiger Goliath, he would tea bag a player who was Maggie. The player for Maggie was shooting at the Goliath but of course with his armour it did barely any damage. Then when the hunters drop in he’d kill Maggie and go for the rest of us and just kept repeating it over and over till time started to run out.


Yes, hunters need to realise when this is happening and go kill themselves on wildlife or out of bounds. Alternatively a vote to forfeit that requires the number of human players - 1 (min 1) would be good, to get around that drag.


I usually cozy up to a plant or Megamouth or something if that kind of thing gets ridiculous. If the Monster breaks me out, I’ll run to the edge of the map and go out of bounds (If the map has such a locale)

Edit Dammit @niaccurshi! Beat me to it!


When the next game started, it was my turn to be the monster. I killed his entire team, kept him alive and began to play around with him.

In the end he got eaten by a plant vagina and I preceded to teabag him, followed by a hate mail, mocking and laughing at him.

It felt so good…


I once had a player do this so much that the game lasted 35 minutes and 46 seconds. Luckily, I haven’t seen this kind of trolling in months.


Just make sure you’re the last one alive, and kill yourself on wildlife. Easy solution I do any time this happens to me.


yea, some players Please don’t callout specific players on the forums, thanks do this EVERY game when they are about to win. it is so annoying.


Awe why cant we call them out? Its a good way to know when to expect trolling is it not?

and as annoying as it is, ive won games because they thought that they could just toy around with us. I promise the monster that trolls like this rages harder than you do when they lose because of their cocky attitude :slight_smile:
But i do agree here it is quite annoying. At least hunter players dont go 4 differeny directions at s3 and force the monster to do circles around the map trying to kill all 4 hunters. Hunters just need to keep LoS of the relay, and shoot the monster one player at a time and force the timer to run out.


I’ve done this :smirk:


I’m hoping you aren’t on PS4 O.o
do NOT wanna play with you :stuck_out_tongue:


I was bored and it was fun!! Btw I’m on pc.


Fun for you, dunno about the hunters tho O.o


I’ve done this on occasion where I think I’m about to win because of a crucially bad decision by the hunters, me doing something a little “cheap” or a medic failing to do his job, etc.

The purpose behind it is basically giving the hunters a chance to get back into it. Doesn’t always work out that way, and I usually end up just finishing them off when they come back, but there have been times where they recover on their return and make what would have been a bad/boring game very close and interesting.


I had a 23 minute game yesterday cause it made me monster who i dislike and wraith who i hate more then pop culture


I know @soda_girl does this constantly.


By doing it you’ve done something just as bad- if not worse, due to the hatemail- as the troll, and you kind of fprsake your right to complain…


I didn’t troll his team or drag the game out for 20 min. After I dispatched his team. I proceeded to play around with him to give him the taste of his own medicine, an eye for an eye. To make him realize how it felt to be on the receiving end.

Don’t preach your moral high ground, turn the other cheek bull*** to me. The only language people like him understand is humiliation.