Trolls/abusive mic users/mic spammers abusing mic(PC)


They will annoy the living daylight out of the players in the lobby.

When we mute them they simply reconnect and unplug their mics and force us to go through the horrid cycle all over again. x_X

What can I do to help?


Welcome to any online multi-player game.


i like to have my mic on, open up a bag of chips, and start eating them slowly while my kids cry in the bedroom because its bedtime bedtime.
jk i agree that it gets annoying when somebody leaves their mic making all this noise and won’t even communicate with the team


While I havent used it, by hitting ‘player options’ in the lobby you can mute people. I don’t know how you’d do it in-game, perhaps through the escape menu? Haven’t tried that.


I’m going to guess console, right?



DAMMIT! forgot to put PC on the title.

Trolls reconect and turn off their mics, if they know you muted them.


Theres nothing you can do. TRS was nice enough to not include a vote kick feature so trolls can do whatever they like.


You monster. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have never encountered this on PC. I’ve only had to mute two people ever, in fact.


they’re rare have encountered about five or so people.


My favorite are people who don’t communicate with the team but as soon as something goes wrong they plug their mic in and start yelling obscenities at you.


Had one guy who between matches would bitch about how Evolve sucked and was an imbalanced piece of shit and etc, etc, but 5 games later he was still playing. Those guys are funny.


As I said before, there needs to be an option to switch off communications entirely from the settings. I know I’d leave it off.

Again I’ll plug my related thread. Guys, let’s request this option, it’s important. Summon @macman


Can’t be as bad as the rage-man i just had to endure…