Trolling & Rage Quitting?


With the differences in skill level, rage quitting runs rampant in L4D2.
How might the developers of Evolve attempt to resolve this in their upcoming game?

Should they go the way of GTA5 and KI3 where you get “jailed” for either trolling (behaving badly, in this case - not being a “team player”) or rage quitting and are forced to play with other players that troll and rage quit too?

Should developers at least make new players go through a tutorial mode for BOTH sides (monster AND hunters) to establish basic gameplay principles before playing online?

Should match-making take place based on the number of playing hours an individual has on record?

Hopefully, TRS will have these important issues in mind and address them before the game’s official launch.

The "how trollable is this game ?" topic

This is a really important part of the game in my opinion. I really would like to see a sort of “starter” mode that beginners are forced to play until they get to a certain level, then they can be free to play other people at, say, level ten and above.

I don’t think it’s about punishing players, but encouraging them to play nice. If the game recognised you were going off along, then it could penalise you by marking your reputation down, but if this was part of a tactic then it’d be unfair to give them a penalty. Maybe if there was an in-game report system that let you give feedback on how a player does. So there could be categories like “teamwork” and then you rate them out of 10. Then others for communication and friendly behaviour.


We will have a matchmaking system that takes into account a players experience with the game, so when you join a game, you will get matched with other people with a similar level of experience.
We’re not ready to give out all the details on the various measures we are taking to mitigate bad behavior (more on that in the months to come) but rest assured its something we’re keenly aware of.


Good to hear, I almost didn’t get into L4D series because of the rage quitting making it nearly impossible to ever do a full game of versus. Granted, with shorter match times, Evolve is less prone to this it was still pretty bad in L4D which had 0 systems for dealing with it. I ended up getting lucky and found a group whose policy was “no rage quit” matches and we always had full private games that made that game last over 400 hours and another 500 for L4D2.

And honestly Evolve is more my thing (sci-fi, huge monsters as opposed to Zombies which isn’t really an interesting setting imo although it works great for L4D) and it will probably be THE game I rave about in the years to come. So good to hear that it might be a bit more pug friendly in terms of just getting online and playing a game with strangers.


Yup. Because of our experience with L4D, rage quitting has been a topic of discussion since Evolve was born. Hopefully we have learned a bit!


Just like people kick for no reason there would be a lot of people who rate you negatively for no reason as well. Sometimes you just have a bad game, or you are matched up with people who are a lot better at the game than you are and you can’t keep up. It’s easy for people to be harsh and possibly screw up your ability to get matches because there would be no repercussions to them doing so.


Sounds like to great music to my ears that they’ve learnt from L4D.