Trivial/Aesthetic Ideas


Post whatever minuscule thing that doesn’t need to be in Evolve but would be pretty neat if it were!

  • Idea cannot affect gameplay in any major way (IE let the monsters smell highlight each hunter with their respective class color)

I will start, I think it’d be pretty neat that when someone selects their character; the character says their name in their voice (IE, Upon choosing Markov I would hear his russian voice say “Markov”). For monsters it would be a roar from the respective monster chosen (IE, picking Goliath would result in Goliath’s Evolutionary roar). There is absolutely no need for this to ever be in the game but it would be pretty nice. Smite has this and it always made the God Selection a little more entertaining.

Second thing (May be a little too much considering the ruling set) but maybe an indicator of when a hunter is under attack by wildlife as the Monster. I ended up saving a few hunters from a Tyrant because I didn’t know it was murdering them.


The monster has different degrees of wounding on its armour, why cant the monster see blood pouring from the hunters? Maybe a few limbs flying through the air when they’re being eaten?