Trion Worlds have been sold to Gamingo

For those of you who don’t know,Trion World creates a game call Atlas Reactor which feature the same voice actress from Evolve (Cara).The game have been on life support for a long time and now and with the recent bankruptcy from Trion,it is destine to die some time later.This will mark the second game i very much enjoyed meet the grim reaper.Discussion


Gamingo won’t support Atlas Reactor anymore?


Very likely,the game wasn’t very profitable


To be fair, Trion Worlds didn’t exactly do good for a long while. Lots of people felt that a lot of their games were more cash grabs than anything (aka, heavy pushing to spend money to get anywhere).

Be happy that a different publisher is now taking over the realm of some of their games and hopefully make some adjustments that will make some of their titles live longer.


Well said.Trion Worlds have a history of questionable game business practice.However they nail it on AR imo,too bad it was too little too late