Triggering Sound Spike Notification?


I saw a notification for eating tracking darts, for being slowed, for being tracked by UAV but I did not see any notifications for triggering sound traps. Is this by design? Did I miss something?


There is no visual notification, but there is a very slight audible. It’s very easy to miss. This is intentional.


You don’t see it.

You can see the Spike if you smell and destroy it but no you don’t see when it triggers


Awesome! An audible noise? I am gonna have to test that out to learn what it sounds like then. But that is pretty cool.


I have it in a few of my videos/streams. I’ll try and make a specific clip with only that.


Speaking of sounds, when I play hunters theres always a “beep click” very similar to the arena drop sound, that confuses me everytime! where does that sound comes from? O_O


I want to say it’s music, because I swear I hear something like that as Monster. I hear it and look around and see… no one :stuck_out_tongue: Although, going back to my videos I think there is an audible cue for either recharging your stamina, or having full stamina. It could be full jetpack charge?


jetpack recharge might be the cause, its very common to hear it so I bet its something like that.


Ya, they have quite a few cues and things that blend into the background. I’m sure you’ll notice them more as you play.


By the way, every time Abe darts wildlife you can hear a little beep.


yeah. Jetpack recharged iirc


No visual indication. but you can sniff em out and destroy them if they are poorly placed. And I’m almost sure aggressive wildlife will attack them too


They do get destroyed by wildlife. I don’t know why though… do they smell bad ? Maybe it’s that cooking from Hank… That live Eel must have left some residue on Griffins Spikes… LOL…


lol. Maybe they don’t like Griffin poking holes in their front yard ?

I didn’t get a chance to confirm in game but a couple times i noticed they were dissapearing when the monster was on the opposite side of the map. Griffin #1


Aggressive wildlife are territorial. There is something in their territory that doesn’t belong. Same thing happens to things on Earth.


I hope they fix this sound. It gets me every time. D:


Think it may be possible to gather a list of what makes a sound for notification so we can pay attention to them more?


The only thing that triggers them is using a movement ability, Leap, Fly or Warp and moving without sneaking. It used to be more, but they Devs changed it to be more simple It is less a ‘sound sensor’ now and more of a ‘loud movement sensor’ now.

Edit: Or did you mean what cues there are for sounds in the games? I.E. low/max jetpack etc…


yup, small sound queues so we do not have to use the HUD so much.


I’ll try and see what I can find. I know when you are at max jetpack is one. I also think you get alerted to your class ability being up. Not 100% sure on that though.