Trigger conversations


I have always loved the dialogue in Evolve so I decided to make a list of some kind for the trigger conversations that happened in the game. I won’t say what the dialogue is just where and with who it occurred with and the approximate area, if you didn’t find it yet go and listen! Naturally I won’t have all of them so help me out guys!

Weather control:

Giant weather thingy:
Maggie and Markov convo
Hank and Val convo

Wraith trap:

Trapped Wraith:
Val and Parnell convo

Tires area:
Abe and Caira

Barracks looking area/ Ebon star sign area:
Caira and Cabot

The Dam:

The Dam itself:
Val and Hank

The shanty town area:
Maggie and Hyde


In general walking around:
Val and Maggie

In the tyrant pool next to a single giant rock:
Markov and Hank


Rocket area:
Val and Maggie
Val and Hank


Barracks platform:
Caira, Cabot, Abe and Parnell

Have fun my little lovelies!


Trapped wraith
Cabot and Caira convo

Barracks platform
Abe, Parnell, Cabot and Caira convo :wink:


The first one. It’s near the barracks looking area in Wraith trap right?


wraith track:
caira +abe
near the tires

big black doughnut overhear


Wrote that :smile:


Keep it up, I’d like to know what I missed out on


I’ll try my best!


I added a Markov and Hank conversation into the Aviary


The Lazarus device is ready! :lazarus:

Okay, so has anybody seen and taken a video or pic of the Abe and Caira trigger convo in Aviary near the relay?

######Please help. ;-;


Holy mother of-…

May wanna check this!