Traversal bug

I keep losing transversals instantly in combat with the kraken, i know the recharge was lowered but there have been games where i have transversals but i cant use them, or i try to take off and am grounded instantly

The double traversal consumption sometimes still happens, maybe that is it. Also they’ve changed something about the Kraken’s physics. Before you would bounce off of most things, Now it’s possible to hit them and stop dead. If you are near a tree or something sometimes you stop immediately and the traversal is just gone.

You’ve seen the double traversal consumption since the patch?! Do you have a video of this?

I’ve been playing Kraken yesterday and I have to say I’m glad it’s fixed. I doubt it happens again.

It is very rare and probably a different issue. I play quite a bit of Kraken and have only seen it once since the patch, nothing like it used to be. I’ll try to get video.