Traversal ability/traversal cool down


I sincerely do not mean to sound stupid, or dumb… the way the game uses the word traversal ability, what does it mean?


The Goliath’s leap or the Wraith’s warp. The monsters movement.


Leap (Goliath)
Dash (Wraith)
And so on


It’s the special way each Monster moves aside from walking/sneaking.
Goliath jumps, Kraken hovers, Wraith teleports, and Behemoth rolls.


I think it’s funny how you both skip Kraken’s flight :stuck_out_tongue:


An ability that is specifically used for movement purposes such as Goliath’s leap.


Kraken? Who’s that?


He was claimed to be OP in the Big Alpha, and then a couple minor changes and he has less than 50% win rate in the Beta. Personally, I think people just learned how to combat Kraken. In fact, aside from the lightning strike movement speed, if Kraken was the exact same I think it would still be a very close 50% win rate. People just jumped the OP wagon :stuck_out_tongue:


This guy


You failed to see my sarcasm? :blush:


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