Trappers vs Monster


Every hunter has their speciality, Griffing prevents monsters from running, Abe from eating and Maggie from sneaking.
But Abe is the most useful late game, Griffin is useful mid game and Meggie is useful all the time since she can sniff out a sneaking enemy.

But since Trapjaw is so good at sniffing out enemies, there is no need for tracking him to a point where it’s overpowered.
Trapjaw should have his sniffing triggered only when there is a gap between tracks, and not all the time. Or when a monster attack on something in a not so wide proximity.

As of now Meggie has the best counter to players that want to keep it low.
Aside to that it also revives people!
It should be changed for Meggie to trigger Trapjaw (her 3) to actually do something, and have it on cooldown, instead of always serving as a permanent anty sneak and reviving pet.

While on the other hand, Abe’s tracking is the most time consuming and least prizing as he has to dart every stupid animal in the jungle, which takes time, and leaves him behind on other hunters.

His Tacking dart should be low range marking spray that upon usage tags in an area of effect.
We already have Val with her long range tracking and slowing or Bucket.


I feel that you can juke Daisy pretty easy while sneaking once you know how her mechanics work. To have to trigger a smell ability would only make Daisy worst. Out of all the classes I feel the trappers are the most well rounded and there isn’t one that is a clear winner/loser.


What he said.

If her tracking only worked sporadically, it would be next to useless.


Daisy pretty easy to juke? in what reality?
She always goes straight for you, no matter where you are on map. She sniffs you up and can not be juked.


I have posted a few detailed posts on how she works. She does NOT make a straight line for you. Her AI depends on High profile and Low proofile tracks. (Sneaking vs Not sneaking) Those prints get assigned a numbered value that decreases over time witht he low profile tracks being much smaller in value. She goes towards the best high value track. The secret to daisy is a combination of using water and creating loud tracks in between sneaking.


She has trouble with water, so moving though water slows her considerably, plus she only moves as fast as the hunters do. You can easily outdistance her, then go into sneak mode.

Edit: Dad gummed it, MaddCow… you ninja-ed me!! :astonished:


Water doesn’t do anything, it’s impossible to lose a chase with Daisy in match.
Only if players are dumb.
Abe and Griffing are decent hunters but Daisy is OP as fuck.


Daisy does good job, but she is slow. You’re very likely to follow Daisy without even seeing the monster before stage 3.

A good trapper wouldn’t rely on Daisy. Get used to observing the environment and guestimating the general direction. Most of the time you’d hear the monster before seeing him.


Just like to add to this, when I was arsing around in solo mode (doing unlocks) I reached a point where I juked the hunters (using sneaking and cover) and ended up walking behind them all in sneak, including Daisy. For a few moments I was pretty much the newest member of the crew :slight_smile: whatever the trick to Daisy is, it definitely exists.