Trapper's Reaction to Ability Changes


I love Evolve… Monsters and hunter side, the whole nine yards. I even love Mammoth birds. I love the trapper class. To be honest I havent been playing the game recently alot of troubles at house and at school but none the less Evolve is my go to game. My favorite game. Looking at the new abilities I feel like the Trapper new ability needs some change or at least to have the dome back. Trapper new ability has become useless, when you have Jack’s satellite, Daisy or Crow’s Goby. Knowing feeding paths and popular evolve spot have made this ability less likeable. Other wise, I love the new support ability and the assualt change get me hyped but the trapper ability has me skeptical. I know the devs are trying to be more user friendly but I hope this update will be as great as it hyped to be. Love you devs, you do you.


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