There is a very fine line between trapping the monster in the dome with us… and trapping us in a dome with the monster… Stage 1, trap him get some damage in and if for some reason people are going down before it drops, let the monster out.

Stage 2, trap him, get as much damage as you can before people start getting hurt.

Stage 3, we just have to find him, not trap him, unless he is weak because that is the only reason he would run. You trap all the hunters into a dome with a level 3 Wraith you are going to have a bad time.

I like other Trappers, and you guys really help to keep damage on the monster but when the balance of power shifts you are putting hunters in the dome with a monster and cutting off escape routes. And when you do trap him at lower stages, you will be my first priority to shield, after all, what good is a support if they aren’t actually supporting other players? Unless he is attacking the medic, then I will shield the medic… Assault… you wait your shield turn, you have your own and I am watching.

I understand the want that we all have to maintain tactics throughout the match. This is a great idea if the balance was equal throughout, but it shifts, and with it, so must our strategy.


why chase a stage 3 monster if you arent going to trap it? might as well just wait at relay.


It depends what is going on for me to throw a dome down. I really don’t chase stage 3 unless I know he is really close, so than I would dome to trap him and do health damage. The only other time I really need to dome in a stage 3 fight is if he is attacking the power relay, and we are doing a good deal of damage and it looks like a may try to run for armor.


If the Monster is aggressive it makes sense to hold the Dome until it actually wants to run.


Gotta keep pressure on and chip away his armor.


Depends on the situation. If you can prevent the monster from getting armor after it evolves to stage 3, then pursue it. If not, relay battle it is.


It’s really annoying when 3 people including myself wait at the relay for stage 3 fight, and maggie is running off with daisy to solo him! Lol


This is a great point. I play monster most of the time and I love when I get domed at stage three. I laugh when it happens. All you’re doing is restricting the space you have to fight me and until the dome is down, you’re mine. Most of the time getting me in a dome doesn’t even bother me. Honestly the best time to dome a monster at stage one or when it has no armor, but know when to drop it and retreat. Also, where you dome a monster makes a huge difference and remember different monsters have different weaknesses. Wraith means find an open area where it can’t hide vs Kraken, don’t do this it’ll just fly and hover above.


how much health are you guys having at stage 3?? … IF … my team somehow doesnt kill a monster before stage 3 then its near death anyway so doming a stage 3 monster is not a bother at all


Depends on which monster, but it’s not just about the health and armor. At stage three the monster abilities are amped up high, so that’s the kicker. A skilled monster player doesn’t really need all that health and armor. At stage 3 you’re a killing machine.