Trapper's Planet Scanner and Dome suggestions


Planet Scanner is broken. I mean, yeah, it works as it was probably intended, but it breaks the game experience itself. What do i mean? It’s simple. Before Stage 2 update players had to actually track Monster mainly by his footsteps. And footsteps themselves were a thing. Monsters could use different tactics with these footsteps, use creeping in order to leave no clues of his presence, hide and stuff. Players could also use Trapper’s special abilities to find Monster more quickly. This all became COMPLETELY useless sinse Planet Scanner is a thing. The thing is - you only need 1 button to see where the monster is. You will tell “You can only see his general direction and not the monster himself”. But the Trapper will actually see Monster through the entire map! And the cooldown of this thing is fast for that kind of wallhack. This ability makes Gorgon hide’n’seek game and all that “wall sticking” stuff completely useless. All Monster’s ambushes will be revealed in no time! Was it the point from the very beginning? To make Jack’s “Survey Sattelite” completely useless? And what is the point of Crow’s pet now? You can see where the monster exactly is through walls without that bird.

If you wish to keep that ability in game - okay. But nerf it as hell! Remove that wallhacking. Make the cooldown longer. Give Monster a chance to hide and to make an ambush on Hunters! I know, some Monsters are a little overpowered right now (Wraith, Ancient-Kraken and Meteor-Goliath), but i believe that these will be fixed anyway. But this Planet Scanner thing shouldn’t work like how it works right now in Beta.

About Dome: I believe that making this thing common is a good thing, but I personally think, that it should work as it used to work before Stage 2 update. I mean, the Monsters should be able to escape this. Since (for example) Wraith should be like Sneaky-Peaky like Glass Canon (fragile, but powerful) it theoretically has no chances to survive in this dome (but all we know that now Wraith has enough HP to take plenty of damage and you can have Decoy and Supernova both upgraded by 2, that usually leaves almost no chances to Hunters themselves). You should be able to use your map knowledge to your advantage and to be able to trap Monster even if you don’t see him personally, but you are 100% sure that it is behind that wall.

Tracking, trapping and monster stealth

I hope they change the new mechanics a bit. The idea is good and it makes the game faster and not only chasing the whole time but the functions need to be tweeked a little bit. Also wraith has to much hp.
The dome is ok but if you are playing with 3 newbies and everybody traps the monster at first sight it is not very useful.
Besides the monster can’t escape the dome at all and is always in the middle of it.
All in all the game is quite fun but I hope they will polish it and add more content in the near future. I know the devs read our feedback quite a lot and will try to adapt the game in a way that will make it better.


@Shunty gasp Gobi is NOT useless!


i just registered to support this. Turtle Rock, i know you want to accommodate newbies but it is spoiling the experience mid range. The planetary scanner should be nerfed to a longer time.

Most of the time as monster is avoiding the scanner. I know no point using stealth cuz 1, there is hardly anywhere to hide. your map limits much of it. some maps are impossible.

if you give planetary scanner, you should also give the monster the knowledge of their position, everything they use it.
how can they have the direction of us monster when we dont have of theirs.

so my suggestion is, whenever they use planetary scanner, it tells how many units and where are they on the map. then we can choose which route to go, since hunters already have the direct direction to us.

also, make it appoint when they use planetary scanner, it also shows the monster where all the animals are. its not fair we have to keep running and we dont know where is the food. you need to give monsters some indication of where food is if you want us to keep being on the run.


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I strongly agree that this stuff needs changing. I’ve been playing this game since day 1 and while I like where they are trying to go with all the changes, some of them seem to make the game rather unbalanced. The planet scanner should have a longer cool down and possibly not allow the trapper to see the monster’s exact position, while maybe giving the hunters general direction away to the monster. This would give the monster a little breathing room which would be nice considering it is extremely hard hide now. As for the dome, I think it should work more like how it used to (except with every hunter having one) instead of auto locking onto the monster. Or maybe only the support and trapper would have it. Speaking of support, I really don’t like its new shield burst thing (the cloaking field was better)… it just makes playing monster all the more annoying. And the hunters already have enough things to annoy the monster. I was really happy when the Gorgon came out, cause there was finally something that was annoying for the hunters (spider trap). While a lot of the new stuff is cool, it really needs changing cause it seems to only make the game more annoying to play.

P.S. I really miss being elusive as Gorgon or any monster as a matter of fact. Now its nearly impossible to get away.


Strongly disagree since the planet tracker barely lasts enough to be game breaking, and no we wouldn’t rely on tracks to get to the monster, we have other and better tools to track the monsters than even the planet tracker.

Planet tracker just made every trapper playable.


I agree with the others, recently, I tough I was smart when I left footprints in the wrong direction. How stupid I was. The hunters didn’t even look at the footprints I left. The hitted 4 and went that direction. Later in the game, I tried to set an ambush, so I climbed on a wall and waited. Again, they did a scan and the trapper knew were I was. I had no chance to escape since the dome fell instanly, leaving me no chance to escape or hide. I mean, yes the game is faster and there are more skirmishes than before, but stealth has been thrown out of the window.


I personally like the Planet Tracker as hunter and monster.

I would make the cooldown 10-15 sec more. Now, I start to sneak right after the PT has gone off, but the actual sneaking takes 10-20 sec, and then I have 10 sec to eat/run before its back on.

I think there is no need for trapper to have wallhack. It mostly adds nothing as you know the general direction anywho and hear the sounds. The duration is so short that its not very useful to see the exact location of monster as it usually takes 5-15 sec after reveal to close the distance and dome. It surely destroys ambushes, for which Wraith/Gorgon should rely on.


I really don’t get the same buzz i remember from before this absolute hack of a gadget.

i remember the feeling of my heart pounding against my chest as i sit hiding inside a bush as the hunters slowly run on by.
i remember the feeling of the hairs on my back standing on end as you listen intently to the rustling of leaves and the thumping of gigantic monster feet in the distance.
i remember the feeling of your trapper leading you to victory with nothing but sound spikes or a mutant hound.

Now the trapper acts as nothing but quick sand and the monsters sneak ability’s are now horribly underused.
It just feels like we are to smash into each other and see who breaks first, its all reflex and button mash, cooldowns and movement speed.
This is not the cat and mouse i fell in love with.


I’ll offer my two cents as well. I am really not a fan of the planet tracker. And I also don’t like the game throws a big fat notification right in the center of your screen that tells you when you’re close enough to dome the monster. The planet tracker effectively killed the hide and seek element to this game. Setting up ambushes as a monster is incredibly difficult to do now.

I would have preferred hunters got some other ways to help them track the monster. For example, maybe have the hunters be equipped with a passive piece of a equipment like a visual scanner that highlights damaged objects in the environment and dead animals. The outline of the highlight can be different colors for how recent they are. Green is old, yellow somewhat recent, orange - red just happened, etc. Planet tracker, for me, takes the hunt out of Evolve.

And as far as the dome notification goes, please get rid of it. Instead, make some sort of visual cue when holding the dome that shows where the dome will drop. Let people gauge for themselves if they can make it. That notification sometimes alerts the hunters to the monster presence when they otherwise would have missed him. That does not seem right to me.

Those are my two cents.


I never thought about the consequences of the dome notey ! wow


See, after a short adjustment period, I found you can use sneaking in stage 2, its just more about timing now.

Planet scanner revealing you?
Move in a direction, then the instant it ends, double back and sneak. I have had numerous games where I reach stage 2 without the hunters ever seeing me, despite passing directly past them several times.

All you have to do is keep a mental idea of the cooldown of planet scanner, and don’t try to sneak through it, sneak when it is down.


I don’t like how it’s made certain other abilities redundant, goby, jacks satellite.


Monster Player here…

… Planetary tracker works for both sides… Just depends on how you use it… I use it to setup getting domed in areas I want to be domed in… (the hunters tend to be dome happy atm)


I’m just a noob so maybe this is garbage but I had this idea: what if there were antennas dispersed all around the map. The more antennas you activate, the more the scan is precise and efficient. Of course it will take time to activate them but you could be rewarded later in the game. As a monster, you could destroy them, but it will be longer than eating a corpse. Either you destroy the antenna and you lost precious time, or you do nothing and you could have the hunters on your tail later in the game. There are two reason behind this: first, one of the biggest lost from stage 1 to stage 2 is the loss of player choice. I think there are way less possibilities for the players than before. This would add a new dimension to the game that players could think about, or simply ignore. Secondly, right now, the scan is not too powerful, it is too easy to use. You can use it every 30 seconds by just pushing a button. This mechanic would add a task to do, where the players would be rewarded with more and more efficient planet scan. As for the dome, I think it should be the way it was before, but the whole team can do it. Again the dome is too easy to use with that prompt appearing where the monster is nearby. And the monster have no chance to avoid it. Now, I know the changes of stage 2 were made to make the gameplay more fast-paced, but I think these changes could add a new dimension to the game. You would have to think fast. What do you do if your team succesfully capture the monster while you are far away trying to activate the antennas? I think these kinds of descision would be very fun.


I beleive ita griffen. He places 3 ant on the map that are aound tripping sensors. H3 can arrange them in ways that dominate the monsters position.


I personally want a mixture of old and new domes.

I want every hunter to be able to THROW a dome MANUALLY and have the ability to MISS capturing the monster. This takes off some of the pressure of the trapper, and gives it to everyone on the team while keeping the dome as balanced as it always was.

Planet scan to me is fine how it is, but if it were to change, I would want it to be minimal. Just have it be a sort of “Radar” pip style thing. Shows where the monster is at the time of activation with a shorter cooldown, but does not follow the monster’s movement. Right now it’s just a straight up GPS.


People act like being chased hard the entire time WASNT how this game played out at the high end anyways. Planet scanner does very little for good hunters. It just helps the lower tiers enjoy the game that competent hunters have been enjoying this whole time.

Stealth sucked.

If you don’t like fighting hunters at a consistent rate- evolve is not for you.


That would probably end up on toxic arguments about someone missing the dome.

I guess it’d be really reasonable to maybe reduce the actiavtion radius as it is a lot easier to corner the monster now that everyone may pull the trigger or maybe even give once again the ability to the trapper exclusively but impossible to miss and instantaneous as of now so at least the monster can try juking the trapper as even tho the hunters could corner you, only one of them would actually be able to pull the trigger.

I agree the old system although very rewarding when on high level was a tad discouraging to newcomers, but it KINDA could eal with it on it’s previous early iterations, now we’ve got:

:griffin: it’s instantaneous, with a low charge up timer

:maggie_2:it’s impossible to miss, it you literally complete casting only if the monster’s still inside dome range

:abe: Anyone one can cast it! meaning you can split the team however you want and the first in range may cast it.

:jack_face: we also have a planet scanner so if you know the monster is stealthing aoround making no sound you can hold good scouting positions to spot any monster fast movement till it’s short cooldown is back to spot on the hiding prey.

I’m pretty sure even newcomers may deal with some of these new handicaps removed.