Trappers "hook"


I'm sure this is intended, as even a monster wasting merely 1-3 seconds to break the harpoon is enough to lay more damage into him than you would've if you didn't stop that traversal leap. It's not just for holding him in place for a moment, either; they are also used for stopping abilities mid-use (Abduction, Leap Smash, Charge) or pulling the Kraken to the ground. They can even make some players panic and become reckless.

If they required you to destroy the source, it would break the balance, in my opinion. You'd easily be able to force a monster into the fire of an Assault, over mines, into an Orbital or toxic grenades, etc and he couldn't do much about it if he wanted to get away. On top of that, Abe's Stasis Grenades would seem a little lame (slowdown versus holding a monster for 5+ seconds).


It's easy, yes. But if you are in a rush as the monster, they can be really annoying because you often have to turn around to break them. This cost valuable seconds. I like them as they are. Especially as Maggie you would have too many advantages if they don't break that easy. You could just spam them and the monster would've no time to concentrate on damage.


True, I guess maybe the hooks were more intended to stop the monster while it tries to escape rather than to contain it in a battle maybe?


I think both. I've often seen situations the monster wanted to leap smash or charge but the hooks stopped him from reaching his target.


That is where the trappers differentiate, both harpoons are meant to stop him in battle but maggie provides more in fight CC so griffin works well at prolonging a fight by holding the monster as he tries to run.


My main complaint is that the monster has a very wide angle of attack with which they can sever the hook. I notice this a lot when I play the monster, unintentionally breaking the beam while attacking something else at an entirely different angle.

I don't consider this much of a problem though. The hooks should be something that is used to slow and stop monster movement, which they do quite effectively.


yes very easy to break most whit the kraken, it wiill be better if they need 2 melee atacks instead of 1


It is fine how it is, making it too hits would too op against the monsters. Considering there are maggie players out there good enough to keep the monster locked in one place by constantly placing traps around them in a fight, making them two hits as well would give way too much time to the players to set up more. Therefore it would probably make maggie the best trapper and the other two would see less play.


The trapper hook's just fine. It already wastes traversal skills and time where either hunters have a free moment to chip at you or make distance from you if you were focusing them. It's especially bad if you get harpooned when you've melee swinged in another direction.

There needs to be a limit on cc that hard, basically.



I find that Griffins harpoon gun is excellent when timed vigilantly and can already be used for quite a bit of disruption when used properly. Maggie's traps are also similar, and although you can't really time them the work well to randomly lockdown the monster when it least expects it. The stasis grenades im unsure of (haven't used em) but from what I can tell the are good for denying area and generally clustering the monster, all while still letting Abe focus on his shotgun.

(So I feel that all is fine as is)


I find that the way the current hooks work is just dandy. It has offensive/defensive capabilities and is invaluable to the team. Even if the monster player can smack more than one of Maggie's hook traps, it's up to the trapper to lay out their hooks in a way where they all don't all go off at the same time (or from the same direction!). Yet even though I find great strength in Maggie's traps, Griffin's is (I find) much more potent. Yes, the monster can destroy his hooks in one hit, but the power to use it on demand is magnificent! I've seen MANY great Griffin players throw down a dome and immediately hook a fleeing monstar player. Those few vital seconds of watching the monstar player panic as they think they've escaped the dome?


Not to mention that for some odd reason, Griffin's harpoon gun often seems to piss of the monstar player to an unbelievable degree and allows some delicious breathing room for the Medic/Support. It's as though a magnificent bulls~eye was painted upon Griffin and... well, you get the gist of it stuck_out_tongue

But do you know what I find that pisses me off more than anything in a game? Losing complete control of my character. If Harpoon traps took an additional hit to break, oh my sweet jesus I'd be sitting there for ages if the trapper was Maggie. As the monstar I want to be an empowered wrecking ball (which breathes fire/lightning/clones). I don't want to be CC'd like some mob in a MMO to the point where all I can do is just sit there and twiddle my thumbs. That'd be no fun and would take away a great part of why it's fun to play the monstar.

I'd put in some words about Abe, but uh......


I like the way they work, but I would like it if maggies traps were faster to activate


I think the (as I recall 3 second) delay is perfectly acceptable. Her harpoon traps aren't really meant to be fired near the monster so much.


First Scott Pilgrim ftw.

Abe stasis grenades are soft control compared to the other trappers poons. (Btw we have been calling them poons for ages, not that hooks is bad) Yes the traps can keep the monster pinned for a few moments and the gun can be a huge saving tool I honestly prefer the grenades.

Thanks @Aramet, I'm borrowing this.

The number one complaint I hear about stasis grenades is the monster will just use traversal to get out of it. That's good, one less to escape, go after the medic, go after me etc. Also I can always toss another one where it lands then it has the same problem. Also it can effect multiple the minions and having slower attacks on defend is a literal life saver. Also can be used on wildlife that traps can't.

Pros and cons to each, to say the least.


I wouldn't count on the traversal escape to be a waste because of the great stamina regen in combat, but the slow is still useful. Against Goliath especially if you place them near walls he takes a LONG time to climb up after your teammates and in my opinion dancing around altitude is already effective against him.


May be a solution would be that the monster must be aiming Directly at the harpoon chord (not the base)

I ran in to the same problem where for example my hook would be behind the monster, the monster would hit to its left and sever it.


Yeah, as Maggie I just circle the monster with harpoon traps just far enough out of reach so when it moves, it gets harpooned.

Rinse and repeat.


I like them the way they are its funny when your playing evacuation and you poon a minion and it doesn't even try to get rid of the harpoon. I found them odd cause it seemed like sometimes it didn't matter which way I attacked I got the harpoon off and other times i had to turn around comepletely to get it off me