Trapper wants to Dome for you (PC)


Hey, i main Trapper,
Looking for skillend Players which Provides fun to Play with(in a competetive sence)

i Play all Trappers, i Hit Domes and poons. I’m currently rank 7 at the leaderboard in all Topics with Crow, if that says anyhing at all :confused: but playing mainly griffin.

I’m online at least once a Day to Play, i’m from Germany
If you Are still Looking for a Trapper which isnt a pain in the ass add me in steam, profillink:

Ps dont pay to much attantion on this autokorrektionsh*t, cant Switch to english!

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Put him in coach! Taxi is a good trapper. ^^


Yeah man, I saw you with MrN a while back. Definitely a good trapper.

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added you on steam I might have someone looking for trapper

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