Trapper traits that broke the class


Hello Friends,

Although this is a fun game, World Scanner is causing this game to be less fun than it could potentially be.

I am relatively new to this game but I love it and have been grinding it for a few days now. It was always a game i wanted to play and now that it is free I am having a blast.

Some feedback suggestion I would like to discuss are the new trapper class special. I feel the world scanner is somewhat too strong now and needs a much larger cool down. I am a trapper main who likes to play monster as well. From what I have experienced trappers don’t need to follow tracks much, if at all, because of how quickly the world scanner is available. Most of the time I find myself darting directly towards where the monster is by using the world scanner. This makes tracks and trapper abilities sort of useless. This class almost feels too easy. Often times I will not use traits such as tracking darts and Gobi the bird because I almost always know where the monster is. Daisy is often left in the dust as well. It’s a very useful skill to have the world tracker but I feel now it is the only thing trappers need to track the monster because it’s so strong. This being said, I also find that when I am playing as the monster it’s almost irrelevant to use sneak. I will try to juke around hunters stealthily, but because the world scanner is available so often it seems almost useless to sneak around. I almost always find myself running across the map instead. Sneaking and tracking seem like they could be extremely fun and skilled portions of the game, but with world scanner at the strength it is, these qualities are almost unnecessary.

Thank you for your time. I might possibly be seeing the game in a completely differently, but the way my games feel It seems as if world track is available far too often and it is taking skill and difficulty away from playing trapper as well as making sneak far less fun as the monster.

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Don’t worry I’m a monster main and planet scanners don’t bother me that much.


I’m not saying they ruin the game for the monster. I am saying that it causes sneaking to be a lot less useful and fun to use than it potentially could be.


Another monster main here, and I have zero issues with how the game is currently.


Just head one way when they pop the planet scanner, and go the other way when the scan is done


Monsters shouldn’t rely on sneaking so much, they made monsters faster and for that reason they gave hunters better tools to track it down so they could have more confrontation which goes with monster armor regen being so quick. Since you said you are new to this game I would like to tell you that before Stage 2, hunt was mostly a running simulator of you chasing or looking for the monster for about 15 minutes and then fighting it at stage 3. It wasn’t fun. This game isn’t or should I say never was a stealth game. Monsters are strong enough at stage 1 to be domed and actually fight and even get a strike.


Same. I’ve yet to lose a monster match.


because it is all noobies playing right now once people get the hang of it and “get gud” it will be alot harder


That’s exactly why it’s awesome.


I like the game the way it is now. Sneaking only caused hunters to have RNG encounters with the monster. Any skilled monster can avoid fights indefinitely with sneaking and only when they made a REAL mistake would you have a chance of establishing a dome fight.

Right now fights are guaranteed and more consistent.


that sounds fair. Thank you to those who actually stated an opinion with reasoning rather than simply saying “I like monsters now” With that being said even if the trapper is balanced I at least feel like some of the trappers should be reworked. For example, griffins sensors seem to be something to aid in those RNG fights that dont exist anymore. Everytime I play griffin I never use the sensors