Trapper Tips


I like to play Trapper so I have picked up on a few tricks. I have seen some new players and new Trappers that don’t have as much experience as me. I really hope this doesn’t violate the rules because I have put a lot of time into this, I did have a look and didn’t see anything that this violates them. There are a number sections, all written in bold. Basic Tips is a number of tips that are essential in order to be successful, all trappers should know them. They are mostly covered in the in-game videos. Advanced Tips are tips that are extremely useful but may be difficult for a new player to master, some of them are only useful against a good Monster player. Miscellaneous Tips are a section for tips that aren’t specific for helping you track, trap or kill the Monster. The last section is something specifically for experienced players. If they want a chance to make the game more exciting. If successful they are extremely useful, if done badly they can ruin the Hunter’s chance of Victory. They are difficult to do and although, as I said they could dictate who wins the round, the point of them is to create a challenge for the Trapper. I have other challenges but they put pressure on more than just the Trapper which is unfair to do if the other players are inexperienced or don’t want the added challenge. Good luck to all Trappers.

Basic Tips - Tracking

All Trappers:

  • Follow tracks, they will show you the Monsters path.

  • Use Birds sign. If it says the monster scared birds then it has merely walked past them, if it says they are scavenging birds then the Monster has stayed for a while.

  • Seeing animals carcases is a clear indication that the Monster has been there although it won’t tell you which direction they traveled in.

  • Damaged trees and building work the same way.


  • Daisy is how Maggie tracks the Monster. You must follow Daisy as she will not move without Maggie.

  • When Daisy is following you (make sure she isn’t just going the same direction as you by coincidence first) it means she doesn’t have the Monster’s scent. Lead her around for a while and she will pick it up.

  • When Daisy starts walking and sniffing the ground it means a sneaking Monster is near by. Use your jetpack to boost up and have a look.

  • If the symbol above Daisy is Yellow then Daisy is tracking the Monster. If it is red she has the Monster in line of sight and it is close. She will not continue chasing the Monster when the symbol is red.


  • Use all 5 of your sound spikes and spread them out to cover as much of the map as possible.

  • Learn the Monster’s path and instead of following the symbols go where it is headed.

  • When the Monster stops moving check the map. If the symbol is a the very edge of a Spike’s radius then the Monster has left the radius and you should continue moving where you think the next symbol would have popped up.

  • In Nest and Rescue Modes place a sound spike at the objectives to make sure the Monster doesn’t sneak up on you.

  • The same can be done at the relay once the Monster reaches Stage 3.


  • Track all wildlife with your tracking dart.

  • Tell you team not to kill the Wildlife because although a Monster would love a free meal, Harpies will eat the animal and the Monster may never even get to see the dead animal.

  • If at the start you don’t have any leads go to feeding grounds and track every animal you see paying close attention to easy targets like Striders and Reavers as well as weak creatures that supply good food like Mammoth Birds. NOTE: If you are close to the Monster it may not have the time to kill a Dune Beetle or Armadon etc but it could quickly pounce a Strider or Mammoth Bird.

  • Before a dome runs out, shoot the Monster with a dart so you can follow it after the dome ends.


  • Send Gobi down tracks, paths with broken trees and dead animals to see if the Monster is still there.

  • If you find the Monster with Gobi, send him out again in the Monster’s direction as soon as you can to keep it tagged.

  • If you have no leads send Gobi into feeding grounds or stand on a high spot and send him out a few times, rotating a small amount between each release.

  • It is also a good idea to send Gobi at scarred or scavenging birds.


  • Use the scanner as soon as you hit the ground. This means if the Monster walked forward then curved round to the left the scanner will point you to the direction of the curve cutting a few precious seconds off your chase time.

  • Use the scanner often to save time on chasing the Monster by cutting out a portion of its tracks.

  • In Nest and Rescue Modes you can place a Scanner at your Objective to make sure the Monster doesn’t sneak up on you.

    • The same can be done in Hunt when the Monster reaches Stage 3.

Trapping and Attacking


  • After you have trapped the Monster in a dome place Harpoon Traps.

  • Make sure Harpoon Traps are spread out, other wise a lucky Rock Throw or Lava Bomb could destroy 3 or 4 of them before they even have the chance to trigger.

  • Harpoons Traps in a group can also mean a Monster can destroy all of them in one swing should they get to fire.

  • Even if they are spread out enough to need to be targeted separately, multiple Harpoon attached on one side still only limit the Monsters movement from one side.

  • If a teammate is downed at range, plant Harpoons between them and the Monster to buy a teammate more time to revive them.

  • Only use your submachine gun if all 5 Harpoons have been place.


  • Use your Harpoon Gun often. Before a dome it can be used long enough to get a dome around it and after a dome ends you can hold it still while your team continue to fire.

  • List item release your Harpoon when the Monster swings. This will take practice to learn. Too early a smart Monster can dupe you out and not swing at all, meaning it is barely hindered. Too late and your reload time will drag you down. If you get it perfectly timed then when you release you Harpoon you reload while your Monster has to finish its swing and turn around before continuing to flee.

  • Make sure you on the opposite side of the Monster to the person it is attacking. This way it will be stuck in the middle, this is where the previous point helps. If the Monster doesn’t swing then your Harpoon is less effective, if you release the Harpoon too late the Monster can continue attacking your team while you are reloading.


  • Once the Monster is Tracked move to get in front of it instead of chasing it.

  • When domed make sure the Monster is slowed.

  • If it is moving, continue to lob Stasis Balls after it and have the slow chase it, if it is not moving throw one Stasis Grenade, switch to your shotgun and start doing damage.

  • Just before your Mobile Arena runs out plant another tracking dart in the Monster so you can follow it after.


  • Before you throw the Mobile Arena, rapid fire your Stasis Gun while you use your jetpack to make sure you the Monster is in range.

  • When the Monster is in the Arena, use Gobi to make sure your whole team can see it.

  • If you Monster is moving slowly or in an unchangeable path (Goliath using Charge or Wraith using Abduction for example) use fully charged Stasis Gun shots.

  • Once slowed the Monster is an easy target for more Stasis shots.

  • When you hit the Monster with a fully charged Stasis shot you can then switch to your rifle to do damage.

  • Use Gobi if the Monster ever breaks line-of-sight while in the Arena


  • Use the scanner upon entering the Arena so you damage dealers can find the Monster.

  • Make sure you stand in a good spot so you can see the area, be out of danger but also use your beam when needed.

  • Make sure your beam hits the Monster straight on if you want maximum effectiveness.

  • Use your beam in bursts and when it is red it is not doing anything, either the Monster is not moving or is moving in a different direction.

Advanced Tips

All Trappers:

  • If a Monster wants to remain undetected they will sneak. This means Jack’s scanners and Griffin’s spikes will be ineffective. Abe can still get lucky, Crow can still get lucky and Daisy will still track the Monster and but will slow when near the Monster.

  • The first 2, I believe, Monster kills are guaranteed to not spawn birds. The Monsters will likely make these count by only attacking Mammoth Birds or larger animals to make it count.

  • After this they may spawn carrion birds but a good Monster will sneak past Batrays.

  • If you don’t see or hear any birds for a few minutes search in caves and places that have ceilings, whether they are natural or not. Scavenger birds will not appear at covered kills.

  • If you see a Wraith do not dome it straight away. Shoot it and if it flashes white, avoid it. If it does not then deploy your Mobile Arena.

  • Sometimes a sneaking Monster will attract birds. So you go to the birds and have no tracks. There a few things to look for that can indicate the Monster’s path, some are more obvious than others.

  • Broken trees.

  • Corpses.

  • Animal activity.

    • If you see a group of passive animals (such as Stiders) running towards, something has probably spooked them… something big…
    • Defensive animals that supply 4 meat seldom move. Dune Beetles, Nomads and Armadons will chase most prey to an extent, but if you see one far away from its spawn it has likely chased a Monster recently, or if a defensive animal like a Crowbill Sloth has moved, even by a few metres the Monster is likely near by.
    • Tyrants will only attack once provoked, I have personally never seen one leave it’s pool for wildlife. If a Hunter shoots a Tyrant or falls in it’s pool and then runs away the Tyrant will give chase, it is the same with a Monster. Seeing a Tyrant out of its pool is a clear indication of recent Monster activity.
    • When a spotter cries out the Monster is near-by.
    • Hearing wildlife screech is often the sign of attack. Although it may have been attacked by other wildlife it is still worth investigating.
  • Select your dome location carefully. Dome where there are no pools of water and where there is no dangerous wildlife.

  • If your team or losing or you have picked a bad dome location don’t be scared to bring the dome down, your team will thank you for it later.

  • In Rescue, Defend and Nest (and Hunt when Monster is Stage 3) only dome when your team wants to fight and the Monster wants to leave.


  • A good Maggie will learn to put Traps close enough together so they work in tandem but far enough apart so that they are multiple target.

  • Put traps in triangle or square formations so that they Monster has waste time attacking before it can move again.

  • Put traps on the edge of cliffs, behind trees or in bushes so they are harder to see.

  • If fleeing plant traps as soon as you can, break line of sight with sharp turns as often as you can and plant Harpoons in the corners of these turns.


  • If you are facing the Monster’s side and don’t have fuel to reposition, shoot a Harpoon in the Monster anyway. You won’t be helping much, but in my experience Monsters are compelled to relieve themselves of the Harpoon, which wastes their time.


  • Instead of throwing Stasis Grenades continuously at a moving Monster you can throw them at where the Monster is likely to go, such as an injured teammate or a downed teammate if Laz is there.

  • When chasing a fleeing Monster throw the Stasis Grenades past the Monster and into it’s most apparent path. The Grenade will slow it as it passes the Monster and mean it is slowed for longer.

  • When fleeing throw Stasis grenades a little bit in front of you so you get maximum slowed time from a single grenade. This also means if you take a sharp turn -which you should- you can specifically choose the middle of the Stasis field as your turning point.


  • When attacking Monster use fully charged Kinetic shots only (between stasis gun pulses of course) until the Monster’s armour is gone then uses only rapid fire shot.

  • Use Gobi at spawn because some sneaking Monsters will sneak behind spawn until the Hunters pick a direction. This means the Monster knows it won’t have a chance meeting with the Hunters at a very early stage.

  • Use Gobi if your team is waiting at the relay once the Monster is Stage 3. This means the Monster won’t have the element of surprise.


  • Use your scanner when you hit the ground. Some Monsters will leave a trail of foot prints, sneak off and then walk away in a different direction. Jack’s scanner will only pick up the second trail and will point you in the right direction.

Miscellaneous Tips

Good places to dome:

  • Out in the open with 1 or 2 rocky platforms.
  • Inside a cave or building.
  • At the edge of a map.

Bad places do dome:

  • Places with large rocky cliffs on either side.
  • The entrance between a cave and open ground
  • Anywhere with a large pool of water in the middle
  • Anywhere with 4 meat wildlife in it.

Save your jetpack fuel for when you are about to dome a Monster.


For Those Looking For The Spice Of Life
Here a few tactics that will annoy the Monsters dearly. Some are difficult to pull off, some will only be a little bit effective but all will have the Monster ready to tear its own head off. They can guarantee a win or guarantee a lose depending on how well it’s done. These challenges can but do not require other Hunters and you should only include other teammates if they want you to because they will most likely add more pressure to the team.

  1. The Extra Generator.
    In Defend Mode you defend 2 generators each 1 is blockign the Monsters from a door, a door that will ultimately lead them to the power source which the Monsters need to destroy to win. Find a elevated spot, obviously near the Objective. Make sure your Jet pack is full of Juice. Plant Traps as Maggie, Shoot fully charged Stasis shots, throw many Stasis grenades or wait for your repulsion beam to fully charge, respectively (This tactic can work with Griffin but he has no equipment to help him), when the generator goes down throw your Mobile Arena. If you are presented with the opportunity and want to you can wait for the Minions to leave and ultimately get killed by the next set of turrets, or trap them too. If you want to let the Minions go you can cooperate with your team to have the Assault leave too, and only have the Medic and Support to help keep your dome up. This can be done at both generators in all maps.

  2. The Able Don’t Need Saving
    This requires a number of things. A good player. Jack, Maggie, Abe, or Crow. (Best with Maggie, then Jack and then Crow and Abe, this really doesn’t work with Griffin), it requires specific gamemode, a Trapper that’s good at doming and a lot of courage. This is basically a game of cat and mouse and can go either way. It is possible to survive for the whole duration but it is also very possible that you will become Monster chow and there will be no one there to save you. That’s actually the point. This works in Rescue and nest, but there are two different “versions” for nest. The rescue one is simple. Track the Monsters, trap it in a dome with no rescue targets, teammates or evac pads inside. In Nest, if the Monster has a Minion then you’re gonna have to trap the Minion, which will likely end in a 2v1 with odds stacked heavily against the Hunter, or if the Monster is alone you trap it alone. In both, the Trapper should be the only Hunter in the dome and the eggs should all be outside it. If you are lucky enough to get the minion alone do NOT kill it. The point if to give your team unhindered free-time. Killing the minion means the Monster can hatch another and then the remaining duration of the dome is wasted unhindered free-time.

If anyone has any more tips, tricks or Trapper only challenges you can message them to me and I’ll put them in the post and give you credit.

Hope these helped. Happy Hunting.


TL;DR Practice


Caves are a good place to dome? One word for you. Behemoth.


Perfect example. In a cave, Behemoth being the biggest Monster, is really limited in his maneuverability. He will eat every shot fired in that cave. If your team fail you, then that’s not your fault, but caves are an excellent place for domes.


One super important tip thats most people dont know and i hope others spread this is when ur doming early stages u want the smallest possible area and you should hug the wall of the map when u dome or boost into the edge of the map then dome. This gives the monster less places to hide and ur assault can do maximum damage Please spread this around as i have never seen anyone mention this very very great tip before


I forgot about this thread. :slightly_smiling:

Most of it seems pretty decent but I can’t believe I actually thought that Caves were a good place to dome. :joy:. I cringed a little reading through that again.

But yeah, that’s often overlooked. I’d edit it in and credit you but I can’t edit it anymore.


No no dont worry just spread the word please, love the fucking game…