Trapper tip


When doming a monster stage 1 or 2 thats along the border of the map try to boost all the way into the wall till the dome icon turns red then turn around and dome immediately to reduce the size of the dome to half a dome rather than a full dome. This allows smaller room for the monster to run or hide and maximizes damage against it… Ur assault will thank you… Also to add a general tip i think when in combat the hunters should try to be on higher ground only the assault should be ground level… Play the game with poke and dodge tactics not teamdeath match, refering to those who go melee form medic…


Stage 1 I completely agree but I would be careful at stage 2. Ideally you want a dome with no loops for the monster to mitigate but still room for you to have rocks or obstacles in general you can dodge around as a stage 2 monster will be decently powerful. A close dome like that although it will stop the monster from running around much, he is going to focus hard and that small dome will be less likely to have much you can mitigate around.


Ur right totally agree i meant more like in vantage situations like when he has no armor. Also ur right when regular combat i would suggest a dome with a pillar that hunters can run around to dodge skill shots or 2 pillars that the hunters can boost between…


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